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How to Select the Best Home Security Locks

You’ve probably seen a few television sitcoms that depict unsafe homes having 10 locks running up and down the doorway. Do you really need to have several or more locks on your door in order for you to feel safe? If you select the right type of home security door locks, you should only need one lock on your door.


There are some factors to consider when choosing the best door locks for your home:

Sturdy home security locks are the best type to use for your outside doors. These should be deadbolt-style locks. Deadbolts provide the best method for sturdy locking of any door.

Choose heavy-duty home security door locks. Don’t skimp or try to save money on this important area. Larger, thicker or heavier locks are the sign of a sturdier lock and will provide you with the ultimate in home security.

Add a security chain in addition to your main deadbolt lock. Keep the chain latched when you are at home in order to provide some additional protection when you do open the door.

Use a double lock method for locking the main entrances to your home. This means that you should use both the lock that is part of the doorknob (if there is one), as well as a separate deadbolt lock that is typically installed above the doorknob.

Have your home security locks professionally installed. Incorrect installation can lead to problems with home security. The best home security door locks require installation by someone who has experience and the correct tools to use for proper installation.

Install a peephole in your door if you don’t already have one. A peephole allows you to see out your front door before you open it. Never open your front door for a stranger.

Add a security camera to your front entrance. A security camera will provide you with access to view what is happening at the entrance to your home and will also act as a deterrent for potential thieves.

In addition to a security camera, add a motion sensor light. The light will go on any time someone approaches your front entrance, allowing you to better view who is there before opening the door.

Change the locks when you move into a new home. Don’t assume that the previous owner has surrendered all the keys. Have new home security locks installed on all outer doors or windows as needed, including garage doors.

Strong, thick doors, such as those made of heavy steel or solid wood, are much better than thinner. Kicking the door in is a common way for burglars to open locked doors.


Putting good home security locks on your doors will protect you from possible burglaries and will give you peace of mind that you need to feel safe in your home. Use home security locks in conjunction with other security measures to ensure that your home is as safe as possible. To make sure that your home is as secure as it should be; walk around your home in both daylight and in the dark. Make notes of what areas need attention and then put some effort into adding security in these areas.

Keep your home safe while traveling

Keep your home safe while traveling

Do you have to go on a business trip? Your trip will be more than one year. The question that often arises is how you leave your home. Here we will tell you what to do to make your home safe.


Here are some “home safety tips” that you can follow if you travel long ago. Now you need not worry and enjoy your holiday.

Activate the alarm system.


These elements ensure your home. Electronic systems have a central station sends a new emergency unit before that.

Keep the bag in the garage. If you have your own car and garage, keep your baggage on him and not on the road to avoid the unknown knows you are out there.

in addition to close the window, it is important that everyone gets the blinds. This will make you valuable goods such as televisions, computers, stereos, etc.; you are in front of all.

Avoid sharing the joy of traveling with strangers, especially in their social network.

If you are affiliated with security companies, for example, you can check from your cell phone surveillance cameras in your home and your alarm status.

The fact that the phone rings unanswered, highlighting the absence of. With this precaution avoids it became clear that no one was at home.

If the issue is presented with the pipes in your home or forced locks, insurance offers 24-hour electronic services and monitoring of the pipeline.

Correspondence collected. Have his or her accumulation is a sign that nobody is home. Coordinates with the family to help rise often. So too will keep the House.

Verify that every door is closed properly. So an intruder does not easily access it, could attract attention.

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Can We Use Fake Security Cameras?

Having all areas covered with security video cameras is costly and can take a sizeable amount of money out of your savings; thus the idea of using fake security cameras arises. Using fake security cameras enable users to protect their homes and businesses without so much cost; as fake from functional nowadays are hard to identify for its similarity especially to wireless surveillance cameras.

Manufacturers produce fake security cameras so authentic.  Some cameras feature operating lights; some even detect motions and following it to make it so real.

Can We Use Fake Security Cameras

Advantage of Using Fake Security Cameras

Some homeowners install dummy security video cameras to generate a deterrent effect, securing their homes and properties without so much cost as you can buy fake security cameras as cheap as $12 compared to the real video surveillance cameras that cost to a few hundred dollars. The presence of fake security cameras is enough to discourage ill intentions of burglars and criminals who wish to break-in to your property.

The idea of surveillance camera system in the place they intend to force an entry breaks their nerve. In order to have a maximum security; you need to install some real ones to make certain while putting the fake ones as conspicuous as possible to scare criminals away from your property. Some even think of putting security signs to warn the unlawful individual of the presence of security surveillance systems within the property. This method is cost-effective to users as they are not forced to buy authentic, expensive ones to secure their possessions.

Fake Security Cameras to Choose From

Various manufacturing companies on surveillance camera system create different variety of fake security cameras to mimic the real ones. The security camera housing on the fake cameras are as similar as the functional security video cameras.  Identifying the two will require close inspection and scrutiny. To imitate inconspicuous type of security video cameras; bullet style fake security cameras are made available, even the dome-shaped style.

The best-imitated kind of fake security cameras are the CCTV camera system.  The camera is real; but gutted, so it is not functional; some even have the wirings but without the internal connections and recording device. They are also weatherproof to avoid from rusting and worn out due to weather conditions. Furthermore, some fake security cameras act like motion sensors to fool would-be criminals; enabling a camera to pan following the cause of movement.

Installing fake security cameras is the solution for the continuing rise of security related problems faced by many property owners these days. It is a very effective response to the demand of security cameras systems to users with limited budget and resources. They can now protect and secured their hard earned properties from individuals who practice burglary and felony as their way of living.

How to Choose a Suitable Security Camera for Your Home

A security camera is one of the most effective burglar deterrents you can get for your home. Aside from scaring intruders off of your property, a home camera system also allows you to see what goes on in your home- even if you’re miles away.

However, with tons of security cameras available today, selecting the best one for your home can be a bit tricky. If you’re on the lookout for the right set of lens to make your home protected, here are a few things you need to keep in mind:

  • Type of camera

In finding the right type of security camera, but you first need to know where you want to have it installed. If you want a camera that can monitor your lawn or your front door, you should consider getting an outdoor camera. This type of camera is typically made out of weatherproof materials to withstand changes in temperature. However, if you’re considering having a security camera to monitor your living room or the nursery, then you should look for an indoor camera.

Aside from these types, there are other cameras created to meet varying security needs. A pan-and-tilt camera, for one, allows you to scan your property by simply tapping on your smartphone. A motion-activated camera, on the other hand, automatically records event at the first sign of movement.

  • Image quality

Around 80% of surveillance footages are found to display poor image quality. As a result, they are often unhelpful in most case investigations. If you want to get the most out of your security camera; you should keep an eye for higher camera resolution. Look for security camera systems that are able to record HD quality images.

On such note, if you want to further increase the security of your home and property, a security camera with night vision feature can really help. You have to keep in mind, however, that not all cameras with night vision are the same. There are units that are able to record fine footages even in the dark.

  • Camera style

Using a dome-shaped camera offers a lot of advantages. Because of its shape, people would have a hard time figuring out exactly where the camera is looking at. This style also offers a wider field of vision than regular security cameras.

Bullet cameras, on the other hand, are considered more effective in discouraging burglaries and intrusion because they are more obvious. Aside from being more visible, this type of camera offers a longer range which makes them a practical choice if you’re aiming to keep an eye on your backyard.

  • Scalability

As a general rule, it’s recommended that you install a security camera on every entry and exit points at home. This means you have to make sure there is one unit at your front door and another one at your back door. It’s also a good idea if you can have one installed in your garage.

Because you need multiple security cameras, it’s advisable that you get a unit that’s scalable. This is to avoid any inconveniences you can experience in adding several new cameras and their licenses.

  • Remote monitoring features

Remote monitoring features are becoming more common among security cameras today. You wouldn’t have a hard time finding a unit that can allow you to monitor your home through your smartphone or computer.

Remote surveillance enables you to get an advanced warning of any event at home. When partnered with motion sensors, you’ll be able to verify a burglary just before it happens. It can also help you take immediate actions. Seeing smoke, for example, can help you reach out to local authorities faster to prevent a full blown fire from happening.

  • Storage

Most security cameras come inclusive with an online storage account. If you are to purchase these cameras, it’s important to verify first how secure the encryption is as well as the process. You should also take note of the strength of the password you’re using. Because low security can easily put your recordings and information at risk for hackers; it’s better to check and double check.

On the other hand, there are units that can store your recordings locally. This is more advantageous if you want to have a physical copy of your surveillance footages. However, if you want to get the benefits of being able to access your security feeds anytime and anywhere, you should consider saving them online.

Having a surveillance camera at home is not a complete guarantee that your home is going to be entirely safe against any crime. There are several factors that may or may not affect your home security. However, as every preventive measure is important, it’s wise if you can have your security camera up and running now.

Top 5 Reasons Why a Wireless Surveillance Camera is the Safest Choice

Wireless Surveillance System

Wireless security systems are most preferred by those people who want to keep their businesses and home safe and secured from individuals who practice burglary and felony as a way of living.  You can install a wireless surveillance system to protect your property without the hassle of wiring.  Here are the top 5 reasons you can consider why a wireless Security Camera System is the safest and the best choice compared to wired security video cameras.  You can read why people prefer wireless surveillance cameras system below:

Less, Easier Installation

Wireless security camera system does not require an installation of cable wires from cameras to VCR to monitoring equipment. In fact, you can install a wireless camera much easier.  You don’t have to strip wires or and test circuits either. For a wireless surveillance system, all you have to do is attach it where you want it. Another advantage of wireless security camera system is that it eliminates the unsightly wirings around the place.

No More Power Issues

Wired surveillance camera system often relies on electricity in order to function; though backup battery power is made available to some, but still they tend to wear out unnoticed. On the other hands, wireless surveillance cameras on the other hand.  Don’t rely in electrical power supply as it gets power from batteries, with features that alert users when it needs to be replaced or recharged. Users do not have to worry in case of electrical fluctuations or power interruption that may affect some device components as it has continuous steady source of power as long as the battery is fresh.

Reliable Signal

Wireless surveillance cameras provide an excellent range of about few hundred feet. It can even cope up signals even through thick walls, providing users extra confidence in safety and security of the place as wireless security systems can monitor for a very wide area. Reliable signals of wireless surveillance cameras ensure users of unfailing protection from criminals and unlawful individuals.

Affordable Price

You may buy cheap security cameras at for as low as $100 and below thus; more individuals able to afford and use security video cameras for their homes and establishment’s safety and security. Due to the high public demand of security; more manufacturers produce innovative security cameras systems at a lower price without lowering the quality and performance of the product.

Wi-Fi and Internet Ready

Finally, with wireless security camera system, users may program the cameras to send images or connect via Wi-Fi or wireless communication without the use of cords and cables as it only uses radio frequencies and/or infrared waves to send and receive signals. Users may have the control to monitor the place via the internet; viewing images through cell phones or laptop anytime and anywhere at their convenience. Therefore, the owner can keep track of what is going on his property from the other side of the world.

How to Shop for A Security Camera System Like a Pro

If you are a homeowner concerned about home security, or if you’re in the market for a home security system then this is the article for you. Specifically, we’ll discuss how to determine which security camera system will best suit your needs, what brands to consider and how to get a great deal. By the end of this article, you should have enough information to find the perfect security camera system for you and your family while remaining within your budget.

Which Security Camera System?

The first thing you need to do is determine what you want from your security camera system. Are you looking primarily for protection from burglary? Do you need to be able to view the video feed over the Internet, or just at home? Do you want to be able to record and if so, do you want to record to a hard drive or to a tape or DVD? By having an idea of the types of features that you would like to have in your security camera system, you will be much more successful finding the right combination of features in the surveillance system you shop for.

What Brands to Consider

Once you’ve determined the types of features you’d like to see in your home security system; it’s time to investigate brands. Best selling brands include Logitech, Panasonic, SVAT, and Q-See. For each brand look at the features, their systems provide as well as the overall reputation of the company. What kind of warranty is available? Do they have a customer service line you can call if you have questions about setup?

How to Get the Best Deal

Once you’ve identified the brand and hopefully the model you’re looking for, the next step is comparison-shopping. The Internet is a quick and easy place to search for the brand and model security camera system you want to find the best prices on. Find at least three competing prices and make sure to account for shipping and handling with each merchant.


If you are looking for a security camera system; be sure to consider the features you need and will use often. Once you’ve determined the features you need, compare brands to find the best quality system. Then price shop among competing merchants online to find a great deal. With the information in this article, you should be able to find the right security camera system for you and your family at a price you can afford.

security camera system

Three Benefits of a Good Security Camera System

Benefits of a Quality Security Camera System

If you are concerned about home security and are considering the purchase of a security camera system; then you’ll want to read this article. There are a number of important benefits that any good home security camera can provide. In this article we’ll discuss three of the primary benefits of owning a security camera system. By the end of this article, you should have a good idea of what you and your family can gain by having a home security system of your own.

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See approaching visitors – One of the best reasons to purchase a home security camera is to see approaching visitors. Who hasn’t been caught in their pajamas by the mailman or UPS carrier? By seeing who is outside your home, you can be better prepared for visitors. You can also be more aware of the people around your home in general. You will be better able to spot suspicious activity with a security camera.

Protect your home and your vehicle

A security camera system will provide peace of mind since you will be able to keep an eye on your home at all times. When you install your security system, be sure to include an outdoor camera that covers a wide area. That way you can also keep tabs on your vehicle, particularly if you don’t park it in a garage. One of the best ways to deter criminals is to have a security camera in a highly visible location on the outside of your home. If a burglar notices the camera, they are likely to skip your home for an easier target.

Keep an eye on children and/or domestic helpers when you’re not at home.   If you need to be away from home for extended periods but want to keep an eye on teenage children or domestic helpers; a security camera system is a must-have.  You can access many home security systems through the internet; which means you can see what is going on in your home at any time, from any place.


A security camera system is an excellent way to improve your home’s overall security. A security camera allows you to see approaching visitors, protect your home and your vehicle as well as keep tabs on domestic help and your children when you can’t be there in person. With the information in this article you should be able to see why any homeowner can benefit from a security camera system.

Keeping Kids Safe with Home Security Cameras

Keep Your Kids Safe with Home Security Cameras

Installing home security cameras can be one of the best investments parents can make for their growing family. While there is just no valid substitute for personally guarding your children, busy and on-the-go parents can make the necessary precautions by installing surveillance cameras to protect them against harm and threat.

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There’s a saying that to be an effective parent, a third pair of eyes at the back of your head may be handy for keeping a watchful eye on your kids. Small children are especially a handful, for their natural curiosity and strong motivation to explore the world around them. Hence, parents will maximize every help that they can get in ensuring the safety of their children.

The following instances can be more manageable with the help of home security cameras

  1. Home surveillance cameras allow you to keep a track of your children as they play outside.
  2. These cameras can alert you in case someone is leaving the house; as well as when someone is fast approaching – be it a guest or stranger.
  3. During extreme weather conditions, security cameras can alert you if a part of the house was affected by the storm or flood.
  4. Home security cameras can be wireless and hidden; in order for you to secretly monitor the behavior of the caregiver you hired for your baby or children.
  5. While your baby is sleeping, you can attend to your tasks in the other rooms of the house while monitoring their sleep.
  6. While you’re away, you can maintain on-time; real time monitoring by hooking up to your wireless home security cameras via Internet on the laptop or your mobile phone.
  7. On the unfortunate incident of an unpreventable crime.  Home surveillance systems can help identify the intruder; pursue a case against them, and deter possible future crime makers.

Home security cameras are the ultimate gadgets for a truly high-tech and mindful parenting. Properly installed, they can avert threats and accidents in your home. Through these highly alert surveillance devices, your property and your family are kept safe and protected at all times.

How To Install An Outdoor Security Camera System

How to Install an Outdoor Security Camera System

During those old days, camera installation is exclusive to those individuals with enough financial capabilities and highly stable businesses.  When installing surveillance camera system required complex procedures.   At the time, you needed an expert to set up your security camera to function correctly.

That was the old days.  Nowadays, however, Installing outdoor security camera system is as easy as 1, 2, 3 due to its high public demand. With the manufacturer’s continued innovations; video surveillance cameras became more and more convenient and user-friendly to cater the demand of the public.

Manufacturers continuously produced a wide variety of security cameras systems depending on the need and requirement of individuals; considering the budget as well. There are different kinds of features to choose from.  You may first consider the image resolution of cameras.  Wired or wireless surveillance cameras for convenience, expandability, with night recording feature or the one with audio recording; or, motion sensor surveillance camera system or not.

Wireless Vs Wired

Wireless surveillance cameras become more preferable by the public as it is easier and more convenient, because they do not require cable wirings to set up. Wired surveillance camera system on the other hand; is more tricky and complicated to install as it requires appropriate attachment of cables to function properly.

Purpose of Installation

Another relevant consideration in having outdoor surveillance cameras is to decide the purpose of installing one. Owners may prepare to set it up inconspicuously.  You can hide your cameras; because people tend to act differently when they know they are on camera.

Some owners’ on the other hand; prefers to set up video surveillance cameras conspicuously to discourage the intention of burglary and break-in.  If they see a security system, they may move on to a less secured home. The presence of outdoor surveillance cameras demoralizes their motives that some business owners and home owners alike tend to use fake security cameras as the difference from functional to fake is hard to recognize due to the similarities to the wireless surveillance camera, no cable wiring required.

Process of Installation

After you have decided which kind of video surveillance camera you need; attaching the camera to the preferred location is the next with consideration as to how high or low the camera is to be set up for a better view. If using wireless Security Camera System, the only thing to do is attach the camera to the specific location by drilling holes in which to attach the brackets.

When you secure the brackets, mount the camera to the position where you would like to monitor. Last is to connect the outdoor video surveillance to the chosen monitor to where you can view images. If it is Hardwired outdoor security camera system; you can only set up the camera if you have technical expertise, if not; you need to seek the assistance of an expert to properly install the camera.

What Is DVR Security Systems and How Does It Work?

What Are DVR Security Systems and How Do They Work?

A DVR security system is a kind of surveillance camera system with digital security cameras that records motion video digitally hence the word Digital Video Recorder came from. It is an economical surveillance solution but with a high-quality recording and allows monitoring from various location or computer.

With the help of a DVR card stored within the system; signals from the digital security cameras are being captured and stored in the hard drive digitally.  This allows the system to run for several months without much maintenance. The quantity of documentation is determined not only by the hard drive capacity.  But it is also determined by the number of cameras and the frames per second.DVR Security Systems

Advantages of DVR Security System Over Traditional

Retrieval of data in the traditional method needs a lot of scanning.  There is a lot of footage to search through in order to find a specific event. In DVR security system on the other hand; retrieval of data can be achieved in an instant.  That is because videos are labeled or stamped to specify the time and date.  Making DVR security cameras more preferable to users.

Compared to traditional video security system, DVR security system provides high-quality digital image recording, playback, archive, and processing. Additionally, Digital Video Recording can be customized to meet individual preferences and needs, making it more user-friendly. Often, DVR security cameras are set with additional features such as auto-start recording and with night vision. Sensitivity scale of digital recorders, enable users to set the system to document based on a specific level of motion.

Another advantage of DVR security systems is the ability of its security video camera to be controlled remotely with the use of the DVR device. It also allows the users to zoom the image, pan or even rotates to have a better access of the field.

How does it Work?

A DVR security system is a set of closed circuit video cameras connected to a DVR device or a PC capable of digital video recording. The number of video surveillance cameras to be installed depends on the range and dimension of the area to be monitored as well as the layout. Often, a single camera can monitor in a range of 1000 square feet or 93m². Upgrading from VCR to DVR is quite simple; you only need to plug-in the existing CCTV camera system to the new DVR security system and let the recording begin.

When the hard drive reaches its capacity limit; the DVR sends an alert via beeping, unless the system is set to overwrite previous footage. In some DVR security system; built-in option of audio is made available through some requires additional audio kit record audio sounds.

Some digital video recording security systems have the ability to detect motion and stamping events, therefore, removing much of the management and monitoring from the personnel involved in monitoring events, making them more efficient and well organized.

Continued development of DVR security systems have progressed significantly in recent years.  Because of this, it is quite possible that in the future, the system will be the most simple and user-friendly on the market.