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Can We Use Fake Security Cameras?

Having all areas covered with security video cameras is costly and can take a sizeable amount of money out of your savings; thus the idea of using fake security cameras arises. Using fake security cameras enable users to protect their homes and businesses without so much cost; as fake from functional nowadays are hard to identify for its similarity especially to wireless surveillance cameras.

Manufacturers produce fake security cameras so authentic.  Some cameras feature operating lights; some even detect motions and following it to make it so real.

Can We Use Fake Security Cameras

Advantage of Using Fake Security Cameras

Some homeowners install dummy security video cameras to generate a deterrent effect, securing their homes and properties without so much cost as you can buy fake security cameras as cheap as $12 compared to the real video surveillance cameras that cost to a few hundred dollars. The presence of fake security cameras is enough to discourage ill intentions of burglars and criminals who wish to break-in to your property.

The idea of surveillance camera system in the place they intend to force an entry breaks their nerve. In order to have a maximum security; you need to install some real ones to make certain while putting the fake ones as conspicuous as possible to scare criminals away from your property. Some even think of putting security signs to warn the unlawful individual of the presence of security surveillance systems within the property. This method is cost-effective to users as they are not forced to buy authentic, expensive ones to secure their possessions.

Fake Security Cameras to Choose From

Various manufacturing companies on surveillance camera system create different variety of fake security cameras to mimic the real ones. The security camera housing on the fake cameras are as similar as the functional security video cameras.  Identifying the two will require close inspection and scrutiny. To imitate inconspicuous type of security video cameras; bullet style fake security cameras are made available, even the dome-shaped style.

The best-imitated kind of fake security cameras are the CCTV camera system.  The camera is real; but gutted, so it is not functional; some even have the wirings but without the internal connections and recording device. They are also weatherproof to avoid from rusting and worn out due to weather conditions. Furthermore, some fake security cameras act like motion sensors to fool would-be criminals; enabling a camera to pan following the cause of movement.

Installing fake security cameras is the solution for the continuing rise of security related problems faced by many property owners these days. It is a very effective response to the demand of security cameras systems to users with limited budget and resources. They can now protect and secured their hard earned properties from individuals who practice burglary and felony as their way of living.

14 thoughts on “Can We Use Fake Security Cameras?

  1. Conrad

    This is an interesting question. I think that it might fool some burglars into thinking that the security camera is real, but nowadays, burglars and home invaders are quite sophisticated and they have a way of knowing if surveillance cameras are working. Many burglars are of the aggressive type so no camera will ever stop them from committing a crime. The problem here is we are hoping that the felons would be deterred by the presence of a fake camera. There’s no guarantee and so it still makes us vulnerable.

  2. Harvery R.

    There’s no point in using fake security cameras. It’s clearly not a deterrent to burglars or criminals. What it will is to provide false hopes to the victims if and when a real crime actually takes place. That could be heartbreaking. I think fake cameras are a waste of money.

  3. Karen

    The rationale of putting a fake security camera is to keep the bad guys away, thinking that the camera is recording their every movement. Well, I think the bad guys are not easily deterred by security cameras. If anything, they could just smash it or spray paint over it. And if a real crime occurs, then there’ll be no evidence and the criminals would get away scot free. I do think it’s an archaic belief and no longer effective.

  4. Gregory Coyle

    The idea behind using a fake security camera seems plausible until you are faced with a real criminal activity and you are the victim. Personal security matters a lot and the few bucks you might safe with the fake security camera wouldn’t matter to what the criminal would cart away. Better safe than sorry.

  5. Bob

    Nice idea! I saw a couple of these fake security cameras on Amazon and they looked really convincing. It would take a very determined and observant burglar to detect that they are not genuine. Well, most burglars are quite determined. In addition, a burglar finding out that your home is being secured by fake security cameras would see it as an opportunity to cart every single valuable. haha

  6. Colt Johnson

    My brother uses fake cameras on his porch and at his back door. Since putting them up he noticed that the Fedex and UPS people are a lot more nice about his packages. That is a plus but the down side is, if you do get close enough, you can tell they are fake. The little red flashing dot isn’t fooling people who know about cameras! Excellent post. I am emailing it to him right now.

  7. Aby

    I like the option of being able to use gutted hardware to scare people off. I would have never thought to do this myself. I am half tempted to get a few. We have some working real cameras but we can’t afford to have them at all angles right now. My neighbor is always up to no good so being able to have a fake camera pointed in his direction will hopefully stop some issues.

  8. Rene D.

    Maybe it is just me but if you are going to get some cameras, why would you get fake ones of all things!? I get that people want to save money but these aren’t safe in terms of long run security. You wont have any proof of anything if someone decided to ignore it and break in.

  9. Matt Rhodes

    The idea is great but it depends on what you are aiming for. This is obviously not a wise choice if crime rates in your area are high. Getting a legit camera is needed 1000%. If your goal is to scare off some neighborhood kids or ensure the delivery people aren’t throwing your packages around then this is enough.

  10. Shaun Gavle

    It isn’t the best option but if you don’t have money, it is better than nothing. At least this way you give the impression that you have security and most people who would attempt something would turn away because of a camera. I use fake ones myself and I am glad to say they stopped a robbery recently. Someone was trying to take packages right off my porch in broad daylight!

  11. Maxwell

    I used fake cameras for years and they did great but now that people are more aware of what real ones look like, it isn’t a good idea. I am investing in some real ones now and I suggest others do the same. There is really no reason not to. They are made better and cheaper than ever before.

  12. Pete

    I never even thought to use fake cameras to even know it was an option but is there really any harm in doing this? I mean I am in a position where I can’t afford a month security system contract nor can I afford to buy cameras to use myself. I don’t want to be completely unprotected though either. What are the chances someone can tell they are fake?

  13. Josh B.

    At first, I was keen on the idea since it might deter some robbers to think twice about entering your property. However, you could easily do this, and in a more visual way with just placing a ADT sign in front of your yard. Something doesn’t sit well with me about the idea of a fake camera. I would rather have a security sign on the front yard, and feel more at ease with that.

  14. John H.

    There are different levels of robbers. Dumb ones and smart ones. Dumb ones or maybe even lazy ones may see the fake camera and be tempted to just rob another home. If a smart ones wants something inside your house, they can easily get around a real camera let alone a fake one. Something to consider, too many variables to measure if a fake secrurity camera would work. Does it help? I think so.

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