How To Install An Outdoor Security Camera System

How to Install an Outdoor Security Camera System

During those old days, camera installation is exclusive to those individuals with enough financial capabilities and highly stable businesses.  When installing surveillance camera system required complex procedures.   At the time, you needed an expert to set up your security camera to function correctly.

That was the old days.  Nowadays, however, Installing outdoor security camera system is as easy as 1, 2, 3 due to its high public demand. With the manufacturer’s continued innovations; video surveillance cameras became more and more convenient and user-friendly to cater the demand of the public.

Manufacturers continuously produced a wide variety of security cameras systems depending on the need and requirement of individuals; considering the budget as well. There are different kinds of features to choose from.  You may first consider the image resolution of cameras.  Wired or wireless surveillance cameras for convenience, expandability, with night recording feature or the one with audio recording; or, motion sensor surveillance camera system or not.

Wireless Vs Wired

Wireless surveillance cameras become more preferable by the public as it is easier and more convenient, because they do not require cable wirings to set up. Wired surveillance camera system on the other hand; is more tricky and complicated to install as it requires appropriate attachment of cables to function properly.

Purpose of Installation

Another relevant consideration in having outdoor surveillance cameras is to decide the purpose of installing one. Owners may prepare to set it up inconspicuously.  You can hide your cameras; because people tend to act differently when they know they are on camera.

Some owners’ on the other hand; prefers to set up video surveillance cameras conspicuously to discourage the intention of burglary and break-in.  If they see a security system, they may move on to a less secured home. The presence of outdoor surveillance cameras demoralizes their motives that some business owners and home owners alike tend to use fake security cameras as the difference from functional to fake is hard to recognize due to the similarities to the wireless surveillance camera, no cable wiring required.

Process of Installation

After you have decided which kind of video surveillance camera you need; attaching the camera to the preferred location is the next with consideration as to how high or low the camera is to be set up for a better view. If using wireless Security Camera System, the only thing to do is attach the camera to the specific location by drilling holes in which to attach the brackets.

When you secure the brackets, mount the camera to the position where you would like to monitor. Last is to connect the outdoor video surveillance to the chosen monitor to where you can view images. If it is Hardwired outdoor security camera system; you can only set up the camera if you have technical expertise, if not; you need to seek the assistance of an expert to properly install the camera.

11 thoughts on “How To Install An Outdoor Security Camera System

  1. Mark

    There are security cameras that are very easy to install; they’re almost like plug and play. But there are also those that take a lot more time to mount. Depending on the type of the device, I would suggest having someone from the company install the camera just to be sure that it works properly.

  2. Sherly

    Most security cameras come with do it yourself manuals. they are self-explanatory. but I would rather have my installations done by a professional.

  3. Pat Ferrow

    I did not even think to hide my cameras! I just got some wireless ones for around my house and in my backyard. I love the idea of hiding them so no one knows they are on camera. When I worked in a department store in my young 20’s, I remember one of the managers saying there are only two main cameras, the rest are empty and only there for looks. I was like wait… WHAT!? I guess a lot of stores do this because they know if someone see’s a camera, they likely won’t do anything wrong.

  4. Stephan

    Great run down. I prefer wireless over wired having worked with both. The wired ones are harder to hide. They are known for being more reliable though so I guess there is a give and take there. I am planning on installing a few more cameras around the house just for added security. Great read!

  5. Mike

    I always say to leave security and safety to the people who know the trade. I once set up a system on my house that failed. I had no idea it wasn’t set up properly and my neighbor got hit by some robbers. Had I actually had it set up, I would have likely been able to help identify the crooks since our driveways run side by side.

  6. Stan

    Nice read. I have a few cameras I put in myself and I was trying to see if I could get some better ideas on where to put them and how to use them. I ordered a few more. I will have a total of 7 around the exterior of my house as well as 2 inside. One will face the front door and one will face the back door. You can never be too safe these days. I just want my family to feel safe when I am away or at work.

  7. Tony P.

    Wireless is obviously easier to set up but I prefer wired. They feel more reliable and since my cable company who is bundled in with the internet seems to have issues when the weather gets iffy, I feel more peace of mind knowing I still am able to document things. I have my cameras hooked to a small computer and it saved video for me daily. I just have to clean it out once a week.

  8. Dexter

    The system I recently got was so easy to get going I was blown away! Even my son and his girlfriend were impressed. I am not into technology like most people. I am probably one of few late 40 something to not have a smart phone. I feel like I need one now for monitoring on the go. I have the cameras set up to my wife’s tablet for the time being.

  9. Lee Donaldson

    Very easy to read and follow instructions. I recently ordered a few cameras on Amazon and having no prior knowledge I was so confused as to how to install them. They didn’t come with instructions as I bough refurbished ones to save money. You will be my go to source for all things security cameras from now on.

  10. Angela Martin

    Awesome post. I recently installed a wired security camera and it wasn’t so bad. The wired ones take more effort due to well… the wires so wireless is preferred however more costly. I’ll be leaning towards buying a wireless camera next time, however, I need to do more research on it. I’ll be sure to read some more posts you have here! Great advice for homeowners and business owners who want some more security in their life! Thanks.

  11. Corey J.

    An outdoor security system with an indoor security system will set you on track for a well protected and monitored home security system. I have an outdoor system and it helps me feel safer at night and during the day! I get a lot of products from online shopping stores and boxes will be left outside my door. If somebody were ever to get sticky fingers and take any of my boxes, I’ll be sure to report that video to the police!

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