Keep your home safe while traveling

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Do you have to go on a business trip? Your trip will be more than one year. The question that often arises is how you leave your home. Here we will tell you what to do to make your home safe.


Here are some “home safety tips” that you can follow if you travel long ago. Now you need not worry and enjoy your holiday.

Activate the alarm system.


These elements ensure your home. Electronic systems have a central station sends a new emergency unit before that.

Keep the bag in the garage. If you have your own car and garage, keep your baggage on him and not on the road to avoid the unknown knows you are out there.

in addition to close the window, it is important that everyone gets the blinds. This will make you valuable goods such as televisions, computers, stereos, etc.; you are in front of all.

Avoid sharing the joy of traveling with strangers, especially in their social network.

If you are affiliated with security companies, for example, you can check from your cell phone surveillance cameras in your home and your alarm status.

The fact that the phone rings unanswered, highlighting the absence of. With this precaution avoids it became clear that no one was at home.

If the issue is presented with the pipes in your home or forced locks, insurance offers 24-hour electronic services and monitoring of the pipeline.

Correspondence collected. Have his or her accumulation is a sign that nobody is home. Coordinates with the family to help rise often. So too will keep the House.

Verify that every door is closed properly. So an intruder does not easily access it, could attract attention.

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