Keep your home safe while traveling

Keep your home safe while traveling

Do you have to go on a business trip? Your trip will be more than one year. The question that often arises is how you leave your home. Here we will tell you what to do to make your home safe.


Here are some “home safety tips” that you can follow if you travel long ago. Now you need not worry and enjoy your holiday.

Activate the alarm system.


These elements ensure your home. Electronic systems have a central station sends a new emergency unit before that.

Keep the bag in the garage. If you have your own car and garage, keep your baggage on him and not on the road to avoid the unknown knows you are out there.

in addition to close the window, it is important that everyone gets the blinds. This will make you valuable goods such as televisions, computers, stereos, etc.; you are in front of all.

Avoid sharing the joy of traveling with strangers, especially in their social network.

If you are affiliated with security companies, for example, you can check from your cell phone surveillance cameras in your home and your alarm status.

The fact that the phone rings unanswered, highlighting the absence of. With this precaution avoids it became clear that no one was at home.

If the issue is presented with the pipes in your home or forced locks, insurance offers 24-hour electronic services and monitoring of the pipeline.

Correspondence collected. Have his or her accumulation is a sign that nobody is home. Coordinates with the family to help rise often. So too will keep the House.

Verify that every door is closed properly. So an intruder does not easily access it, could attract attention.

14 thoughts on “Keep your home safe while traveling

  1. Mark B.

    Posting your whereabouts on social media is a dangerous thing. It’s like inviting burglars to your own home and it alerts them on when to strike. This is quite common to celebrities, but it’s known to happen to ordinary folks as well. These tips are very useful and they are really just common sense.
    When our family goes on vacation, I make sure our alarm system is activated. And if you trust your next door neighbor, you can ask them to report any suspicious activities. Just make sure to return the favor if they go on holiday too.

  2. Warren Curtis

    I travel a lot because of my job. Sometimes I’m gone for long periods of time and my absence becomes noticeable. The house looks empty because there are no lights and the mail is piling up. I recently purchased a device that lets me turn the lights on and off on preset lighting schedule using my phone. That way it appears that somebody’s home even when I’m not around. This is an inexpensive way to keep my home a bit safe, but I know I need to get a decent alarm system and perhaps a full home security system in the future.

  3. Robert Batts

    @Warren Curtis. Nice idea… but that would online work until a point when it doesn’t

  4. Lindsay D

    I live in a small town. I have a police officer as a friend. Each time I need to travel for more than a week, I notify him beforehand and he does a drive by my house while on patrol. So far it has been very helpful. A surer way would be to notify your home security firm.

  5. Powell

    Very Informative. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Hilary

    I observed that activity inside a home deters criminals. It is highly unlikely for a criminal to rob a full house. This is the main reason for having smart lighting installed in my home. It gives me the ability to maintain full control over how my living space is illuminated, even while no one is home.

  7. scott

    Great tips for keeping a home a safe haven. It’s a shame people even want to mess with others homes and belongings.

  8. Paul White

    I have been on this site all day and finally decided on a system I want. I have to share this for anyone reading. If you feel unsafe for any reason, now is the time to get your home secure. I don’t travel all the time but when I do, I am gone for 2 to 4 weeks at a time. I am a nervous wreck the entire time because of something that happened back in 2013. I was away for business and had no idea my neighbor had booked a holiday as well. Both our homes in the same week were targeted. I lost thousands worth of items in my home included some items that can’t ever be replaced. Here I am in 2017, when it had just happened to me again. This time the neighbor was home and not much was taken before the cops showed up. Do not wait. If you feel the need to get a system, do it now.

  9. Amber Justice

    The reason I have been looking into cameras is to keep my home safe when I am away. My job started having me leave for sometimes up to a week at a time once or twice a month and I can’t rely on my husband to keep things in check because he works too. Thanks for the information here. I am going to take a peak at your recommendations!

  10. Lenard

    Really liked this post. I found it on Facebook, a friend shared it. It makes sense that if you are going to travel it is wise to have some form of security. I have been debating on it myself. I have great neighbors and all but they have lives too and I don’t expect them to be able to watch my home 24/7. I think I will get set up with a security system before summer is here.

  11. Devin

    I think that anyone who travels often needs to have solid security on their homes. It makes no difference which kind be it locks, cameras, or a whole system from someone like ADT – you NEED something. I know too many people who end up getting robbed in some form or fashion and it is down to not having any security.

  12. Jess

    As silly as it sounds, I have spent most of my adult life too worried to leave the house for too long. This means when I did go on vacation it was only for one or two nights tops and I spent most of the time worrying. I am finally investing in security cameras after all these years so I can just relax and enjoy my VK!

  13. Mikey A.

    Whenever I go out of town for an extended period of time I let neighbors next door know (I trust them). They generally keep an eye out for any suspicious ongoings. I’m lucky to live in a neighborhood with low crime rate though. If I lived in an area with a high level of crime, I would do the things you suggested such as have security cameras that alert me whenever there is movement inside and outside the home, have insurance of all valuables inside the home, and have the local PD phone number on hand.

  14. Jonathan

    When I’m traveling overseas I feel safe being able to watch my home via an app on my phone. I have a home security camera that allows me to do this. Whenever there is movement inside my house I get an alert. Couple that with a home security system, I feel very safe leaving my home unguarded.

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