Why You Need Security Camera Systems During Holidays

Christmas; a Thriving time for Thieves. 

Security camera systems are probably not at the top of your wish list for the Holidays.  They aren’t as exciting as fun toys, exciting games or the latest tech gadget.  Maybe, if you are a prepper or a real security nut then you have considered a surviellance system but we are guessing no.  This being said, hopefully you already have on in place.  Why is that?  Because burglars go on a stealing spree during the months of November and December as much as consumers do a shopping spree.

Family members are typically gone more with vacations and visiting family.  Neighbors are gone leaving the neighborhood lookout scarce.  This opens up the doors (quite literally) and opportunities for burglars to come in and snag what they want.  Although humanity in general goes up time time of year that doesn’t stop the bad guys from doing what they do.  In fact your chances are highest to have a home burglary during the Holiday season and summer.  Both times of families going on vacations.

So what can a security camera system do for you if you have one in place?  Well for this family below, it caught a person actually snagging their outdoor Christmas lights!

The quality is pretty scarce and that depends on the type and brand you get.  Swann typically has the clearest night vision but all surveillance systems suffer for night vision.  While they all claim they have it there isn’t any one brand that has the best night vision.

Tips for a Sound and Safe Holiday

Here are a few extra things you can do to secure your home and not have the grinch stealing your gifts.

  • Let your direct neighbors know you will be out of town.  Then they can keep an eye out for anything suspicious.  If you have any family that plans on checking in on the home or pet let them know about that (and the car make and model) before hand.
  • Have a security camera system in place.  This is obviously what we review on this site and have tips & comparisons.  They are the highest deterrent for crime, even more so than a large dog or security system.
  • Leave a car in the driveway.  If you only have 1 vehicle, it is often a good idea to leave it parked on the driveway as this indicates there is someone home and inside.  Keep it locked and it can act as it’s own deterrent.

Keeping a Memorable Holiday this Year

Surveillance cameras top the Christmas decorations

Most places consumers go shop, play and eat this holiday season will all be captured on a security camera.  Make sure that you treat what is worth the most; your family and home with the same precautions.  Plan ahead so you don’t come home to an empty home.  Best wishes for a fun and safe holiday season to all of our blog readers!  Let us know what you plan on doing and how you are taking safety in your own hands this year.  Also let us know any tech gadgets you are hoping to get under the tree.

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