Nest Cam Security Camera Review – What Can We Expect from This Number One Seller?

Nest cam security camera

Everybody honestly wishes their home to be the safest place on the earth.  There are so many reasons that drive to think in this way. You are worried about the safety of your kids, pets, and elderly if present at home. Unfortunately, it is not the case, because there are always chances to have some unpleasant things in your home related to security. That is why you need to make use of Nest security cameras which ensures your home is a safer place to live by providing you the latest development in and around your home.

The Nest Cam Security Camera is the updated version of the Drop Cam Pro, its predecessor. Startup Drop Cam developed a webcam in 2009. The Pro was able to beat records and had amazing sales in the surveillance camera market. This encouraged the high-resolution DIY security company to come up with an improved version of the Drop Cam Pro is known as Nest Cam.  The security camera is lavishly appreciated by it users and the same is reflected in many Nest cam reviews.

You will be impressed with the fact that it can perform several actions by utilizing the Z-Wave home automation hub, outdoor temperature, monitors indoor humidity levels, delivers 1080p video, sends local weather alerts, which is why it is PCMAG Editors’ Choice for home surveillance cameras.  You can also read some of the in-depth nest can reviews in PCMAG magazine.

Product features

The Nest security cameras provide you with highly detailed 1080p videos which let you keep track of what is going on in and around in your house. The push-to-talk feature enables you to communicate through your smartphone with Nest Thermostat and Nest Protect. Though you can receive notifications, they are limited.

In Nest security cameras, the settings menu comes with an on/off switch that syncs with the Nest Thermostat. It is an image quality selector consists of 360p, 720p, 1080p that enables sound and motion alerts. The video access setting allows you to keep the camera private or public. The schedule setting enables you to control the camera turning off and on.

To install the Nest security cameras, you need to plug it in and download the app. When the app is opened, you have to provide information on your location. The digital zoom feature can enhance the portions of the video. Those of you who own the Pro might be little ticked off with the fact that most of the features found in the Nest can be found in the earlier versions also.

For the connectivity, you should have broadband internet and Wi-Fi connections. The net system should have 2Mbps broad band feature. Your phone needs to support 1080p which can enable to view the High Definition pictures. The device uses a pedestal-style stand that helps you turn it around 360 degrees. It can be folded into 180 degrees. It is highly advised to read Nest cam reviews for more information and installation systems.


The packages available for Nest security cameras are expensive. The cloud storage plans where you can manage and view your recorded video through cloud service subscription plans can burn a hole in your pocket. The free basic plan allows you to store 1,000 clips as it begins to delete them one by one on a first in/first out basis.

Though the device comes with so many features, you will not be impressed with the heating issues of the camera. The security camera gets hot very soon. They how do you expect it to work 24 hours? The security device measures 4.5 by 2.8 by 2.8 inches (HWD). It comes with a magnetic base that is useful to mount easily.

You can then unscrew the camera mount it on a tripod, using the wall mounting screws and bracket. The box is supplied with the Nest security camera, power adapter, magnetic holding base, Ten foot USB cable, wall mounting screws and plates, window decal, welcome guide and installation guide, etc.

nest cam plugged into wall

Highlighted features

Live video streaming:  The Nest security cameras are featured with the 24/7 live video streaming.  This will let you keep checking your home through the 1080p HD.  The feature will allow you to control your camera from anywhere.

Mobile alerts:  You can receive mobilephone alerts any time irrespective of the location where ever you are. This feature allows you to get sound and motion alerts when you notice something is happening around the property.

Night vision: With the night vision you can see your entire house clearly even if the visibility parameters are very poor.  This feature is extremely useful when you have pets and children to monitor.

Instant talk and listen: You can talk and listen to your infant when you are cooking or doing some work away from your home.  The feature will let you connected with your beloved ones always.

Easy steps: It is very easy to setup and quick to install, becuse you do not require a hub to start.

Subscribe Nest Aware:  You have to subscribe with Nest Aware to get 24/7 cloud algorithms enables you to get personalized alerts.  These features make sure that none of the alerts are missed or erased, and you can watch it anytime since it is stored in the cloud.

30-day trial: All Nest security cameras come with a free 30-day trial which enables you to make use of the device and then decides whether you want to upgrade.


  • It offers you with 24/7 live streaming. You can check whenever you want.
  • It comes with 24×7 continuous recording by using the Nest Aware subscription.
  • The video images are stored in the cloud system which is safe and secure.
  • You can receive custom alerts by creating activity zones which can help you keep track of the doors or windows.
  • The 1080p video offers you with clear videos with its high-quality glass lens, 8X digital zoom, and an image sensor.
  • The camera can be fitted can go on a wall and shelf.
  • Finally, you will also benefit from the fact that it works with other Nest devices.


  • The cloud storage plans are expensive.
  • It also comes with limited notification capabilities.
  • Finally, it has this bad habit of getting hot very soon.

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Product ranking and rating

The Nest Cam Security Camera has a healthy 3.9 out of 5 stars on Amazon. The best seller has also received 2,225 customer reviews on Amazon, which just simply goes to show the quality of the product.

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Nest Black security camera


The Nest security cameras are not the number one seller among other security devices for no reason. The high-resolution video (1080p), pivoting stand, updated app, and magnetic base are sure few steps from other DIY cameras. Apart from that, you will find it very simple to setup, because it provides you with sharp image detail, and excellent digital zoom.

The Nest Cam security camera is Wi-Fi enabled dual-band surveillance camera.  It offers sharp video image in 1080p resolution, with sound and motion detection features.  The camera also can be integrated with other Nest devices. It’s a snap to install, but you have to pay to view recorded video. However, while you can make use of enhanced features including sound alerts and opt-in motion, you will not find them useful at all, because they arrive on your smartphone every 30 minutes. All these highlighted features explained eloquently in many of the leading Nest cam reviews.

Does it solve the purpose? You cannot deny the fact that both the Drop Cam Pro and the Nest security cameras are extremely similar in features. Those of you who already own a Drop cam might not want to upgrade to this one unless you want a really high resolution live streaming camera.

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7 thoughts on “Nest Cam Security Camera Review – What Can We Expect from This Number One Seller?

  1. Charles

    I love the features of the talk and listen and even the mobile alerts, but I’m concerned with it getting hot. I’ve haven’t heard to much on this topic but want to look more into it before I make the purchase.

  2. Michelle

    Nice review of the nest cam security camera. I would like to know if the nest cam comes with local storage on board. Thanks

  3. Becky

    My sister and I love using the nest cam! it works flawlessly,the two-way sound has really been helpful. We don’t regret getting it.

  4. Courtney D.

    We are very happy with this monitor and would recommend it to anyone ! We were very impressed at the picture quality AND THE TWO-WAY TALK IS AMAZING.

  5. Julius

    The Price was right and everything worked right of out of the box. I could not ask for a better video security system.

  6. Dianne M.

    I have been trying to figure out the best and easiest to use camera I can keep in my nursery and I have finally found the winner! Thanks for all this information on the Nest Cam. I am going to figure out where the best place to buy it is and get one soon. We live in a big house and I have two nursery areas and it is hard to keep and eye on my newborn when I am running through the house. This will help alot!

  7. Jess White

    The cloud storage cost is OUTRAGEOUS. To be fair, I bought the camera used and while I do love it I am not going to pay that much for storage. I am going to just find a different option. I feel like they overcharge for it because not enough people are using cloud storage for security cameras yet. Just like cell phone prices dropping over time, this will happen too.

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