Philips Avent SCD560


Philips Avent Baby Monitor

When I wanted to buy the SCD510 lately, I was surprised to find that it has been replaced by Philips Avent SCD560 and SCD570! Aw, I really liked the cute design, but from the reviews, it seems that the new updates were an improvement, so I bought the SCD510.

Both of them are basically the same except for an additional digital screen with the SCD520, which shows the temperature and other functions, and an extra on the price tag, of course.

I figured out that I didn’t need it to tell me the temperature in our toddler’s room because this baby monitor also works like a walkie-talkie and our kid is old enough to tell me if he’s hot or needs anything.

No White Noise and No Static

What’s so cool about the Philips Avent DECT monitor is that it doesn’t pick up the white noise! I had read the reviews about this and didn’t really believe it until I used it myself.

You can control the sensitivity of the monitor so that you pick up only the noises you want to hear. I set it so that I couldn’t hear the clock or fan in my kid’s room but if he makes his baby noises or talks to me; I can hear him ever so clearly.

And there’s totally no static at all, just like what Philips guaranteed. I’ve used it beside our modem, handphones and microwave, no problem at all.

What You Might Not Like

The volume on the parent unit is indeed a bit low like other users have said; but I got around this problem by training my kid to speak towards his unit. He thinks it’s a phone! But if you have a younger baby, you might want to place the unit closer to the baby when he/she sleeps.

I’m very happy to say this is the best baby monitor I’ve used. I bought it at Amazon at a promotional price and had it shipped to me free of charge. Check it out here:



  1. Liz

    The sound was an issue for me but my husband used a mounting device and attached it right above our baby so now I hear him very clear. I am not sure why it was so quiet and I thought it was defective but I am glad to know it wasn’t just us! For the price, it does what it should and I am happy over all.

  2. Nicholas

    Is this model great for first time mums? My sister is having her first child and I never had kids so I am not sure which to get her for her baby shower gift. My girlfriend will be going but she told me I had to be the one to pick the gift for a change lol I am so confused!!

  3. Harold M.

    Thanks for this review. I was helping my wife pick out a gift for her friend’s baby shower and suggested a baby monitor but she knew nothing about the things as we never used them for our kids. I am glad I found your site. She decided she liked this one the most. Amazon had a great deal going and since we have Prime we went with it.

  4. Carol

    I have tried 2 other monitors and have had nothing but issues. A mom from work recommended I used the Philips Avent Baby Monitor and I was blown away. When they say no static they mean it! The sound is perfect! I am a first time mom and I had no idea that monitors could be these good!!

  5. Ricky

    I got a few of these for my mother and my mother in law. They both take turns watching after my twin boys when me and my wife need time to get things done for work. This is usually 3 days a week, sometimes 4. Anyways, the monitors have seems to be on the quieter side and my mother in law needs something louder. Also, the sound quality over time only seems to get worse. If you are younger, go for it but if you need something that is loud don’t waste your money.

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