The 10 Best Honeywell Security Cameras – Buyers Guide

Security cameras play a significant role in offering surveillance for your home and office.  When you are planning to buy a surveillance camera, you must first evaluate the requirements of your security needs and accordingly you need to purchase the best surveillance camera that can meet your requirements. Let whatever be the worries that disturb you and prompting to install security cameras, because you need to study and take a right decision that can meet your security parameters. In this article, we will discuss 10 of the most popular Honeywell security cameras which are considered as the best in the industry. You can find them using in both residential and commercial properties.

Top 10 Honeywell Security Cameras

1. Honeywell Intrusion IPCAM-WL

Honeywell Intrusion IPCAM-WL
Package Dimensions
5.9 x 5.4 x 4.4 inches
Item Weight
1.15 pounds
Package Dimensions
5.9 x 5.4 x 4.4 inches
Item Weight
1.15 pounds

2. Honeywell Ademco IPCAM-WI2

Honeywell Ademco IPCAM-WI2
Package Dimensions
8.9 x 7.3 x 5.3 inches
Item Weight
2 pounds
Package Dimensions
8.9 x 7.3 x 5.3 inches
Item Weight
2 pounds

The Honeywell Ademco IPCAM-WI2 is one of the most cost-effective, customer-focused, and easy-to-install cameras. The camera is portable and compact size. The compact design helps you to mount the Honeywell Camera any convenient location, where you want to fix it. You can also buy a pan/tilt version if you want. Since it is configured with iPCAMs that make use of Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS), you can connect it easily to a port through a router.


You can view the activities which are happening in and around your property by installing the Honeywell Camera Ademco IPCAM-W12. The camera can be used as video surveillance system. You will want to know that the camera does not integrate physically with other security systems.


The device is not very large and it can fit in anywhere due to compact and smooth nature. It comes in two color enclosures, namely black and white enclosure. The compact design of Honeywell Camera is very well like a decorative indoor piece.


Honeywell Security Cameras, Ademco IPCAM-W12 does not have a very powerful range. The camera can be easily installed as you need just to choose a wired connection and start using your camera. However, on the back of IP camera, you will need to get a LAN connection using an Ethernet cable which can be got from the open port on your router.


It is best to use the wireless video connection of Honeywell Camera which can be performed by using the Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) along with a WPS encryption button. The IPCAM-WI2 includes camera stand, fixed IP security camera, camera antenna, and power transformer. The camera is affordably priced about $ 154.99 it is a good buy offering value for the investment.

3. Honeywell Video HD40P 1/3″ CCD Standard Resolution Color Indoor Fixed Mini-Dome Camera, 420 TVL, 3.8 mm Lens, 12 VDC, NTSC

Honeywell Video HD40P
Package Dimensions
5.3 x 5.2 x 3.8 inches
Item Weight
10.4 ounces
Package Dimensions
5.3 x 5.2 x 3.8 inches
Item Weight
10.4 ounces

The Honeywell Video HD40P 1/3″ CCD Standard Resolution Color Indoor Fixed Mini-Dome Camera, 420 TVL, 3.8 mm Lens, 12 VDC, NTSC belongs to the HD40P performance series Honeywell security cameras. It is perfect for experiencing light changing conditions that happen throughout the day. Whether in hot climate conditions or cool climate conditions, the camera is a boon for you.

Highlighted Features

The Honeywell camera is a sleek device and can be fitted into any closed area. An integrated housing protects the camera from dust and dirt and the discreet; low profile design helps this camera blend seamlessly into its surroundings. By harnessing a 1/3″ CCD, the HD40P provides 420 TV lines of clear, horizontal resolution.


A fixed lens is built into the Honeywell camera, and the 3-D axis gimbal gives the HD40P 360 degrees of pan and 180 degrees of tilt. The Honeywell Video HD40P 1/3″ CCD Standard Resolution Color Indoor Fixed Mini-Dome Camera, 420 TVL, 3.8 mm Lens, 12 VDC, NTSC is one product which you would want to consider having installed in your home because it is easy to install. There is no wiring involved. Probably, you can do it yourself.


The Honeywell camera is perfect for commercial, indoor applications, residential, hotel lobbies, and foyers.  The mini dome camera is compact in size, and very much cost effective.   It can effectively work on any light changing conditions.  Priced for about $50, it is the cheapest security camera and offers best security surveillance.

4. Honeywell Video Hd50p Cam Rugged Fix Dome 600tvl 3.8mm 12vdc Ntsc

Honeywell Video Hd50p Cam
Currently not available
Package Dimensions
6.2 x 5.8 x 4 inches
Item Weight
6.2 x 5.8 x 4 inches
Currently not available
Package Dimensions
6.2 x 5.8 x 4 inches
Item Weight
6.2 x 5.8 x 4 inches

The Honeywell Video Hd50p Cam Rugged Fix Dome 600tvl 3.8mm 12vdc Ntsc is an ideal indoor, outdoor, and low-light camera. The high performing IR bullet Honeywell security camera has mini domes which are simple to install and use. It is weather resistant and does not become affected because of rain and snow as it is manufactured with a high impact resistant material.


Some of the key features of this Honeywell camera are the high-resolution color of 600 TV lines, digital noise reduction technology, vandal proof and weather resistant, 12 V DC input.  The visual appeal of the product is great.   The device is rated 1P66 and hence is good for outside installations.  It is equally good in using indoors and can be easily mounted on a ceiling.


The Honeywell security camera has a very smooth and compact design which enables it to be fitted in any area.  The device is designed for perfect use in indoors and outdoors.  The device housing is manufactured from vandal resistance material and hence is all weather resistant.


The Honeywell camera has a 1/3” CCD, which provides you with 600 TV clear pictures. The camera has a built-in lens which is capable of offering 360-degree rotation. The picture clarity is good and has applications in the form of lobbies, atriums, vestibules, gated entrances, driveways, and docks.


The high performing IR bullet camera comes with the features you want to find in a security camera.  With a built-in f3.8mm lens and a 3D axis equipped to move or tilt 360pan and ability to tilt 180o support to capture the moving objects is the best feature of Honeywell security camera.  While installing you don’t need to cut the wires as it comes with a two-conductor pigtail which will enable you to connect to the barrel connector.  The connection processes are very simple, and the product is designed to give the best performance.

5. Honeywell Ademco iPCAM-WO Outdoor IP Camera

Honeywell Ademco iPCAM-WO Outdoor IP Camera
Product Dimensions
6 x 9 x 3.5 inches
Item Weight
1.35 pounds
Product Dimensions
6 x 9 x 3.5 inches
Item Weight
1.35 pounds

The Honeywell Ademco iPCAM-WO Outdoor IP Camera is a wireless or wired color camera which makes use of the Honeywell Total Connect Service. It can be installed in commercial and residential areas. It comes with a portable and compact design. The Honeywell Security Camera is the only outdoor camera that also comes with a converter.

Important features of Honeywell Ademco iPCAM-WO Outdoor IP Camera

The Honeywell Security Camera provide full security features as part of their surveillance system, live video beaming, keep an eye on moving objects, intruders, assets by utilizing it full automation system.  The system let you receive email alerts and video alerts as and when it happens.  By using the cloud-based alert and information transferring system with the help of video alarm verification and I -View NowTM, the clients will have the opportunity to check the video clips and evaluate the developments that caused sending a video alert.  The features will let you have all the information in the record before you reach to the location for further checking.


The design is compact, lightweight and easy to install. It has a motion sensing ability of 9.84′ to 16.4′ with 60ocoverage. You will be glad to know that the company gives 1GB of video storage. The main issue here is that you can record only 10 seconds of video at a time. Worse, you do not have any audio capability.


The Honeywell camera offers best surveillance video service, which is reasonably priced, and can meet most of the security demands that are essential for a full proof security system.  The system is easy to install if one can go through the step by step process detailed in the instruction manual. The compact, light design helps the user to relocate the security device easily from one location to another.  As the name suggests, it offers Wi-Fi connectivity in iPCAM installations.

6. HB75H IR Bullet Camera Performance Series 960H Resolution True Day/Night Indoor/Outdoor by Honeywell

HB75H IR Bullet Camera
Package Dimensions
12.4 x 5.5 x 5.5 inches
Item Weight
1.95 pounds
Package Dimensions
12.4 x 5.5 x 5.5 inches
Item Weight
1.95 pounds

The HB75H IR Bullet Camera Performance Series 960H Resolution True Day/Night Indoor/Outdoor by Honeywell is an outdoor, low-light, and also an indoor camera which is ideal for several home security applications. It is perfect for schools, hospitals, colleges, industrial parks, commercial sites, gated entrances, foyers, airports, driveways and loading docks.  The compatibility and user-friendly interface of this Honeywell camera, because it’s one of the best home security device marketed by Honeywell.


Few of the highlights of the product include image balance which can help you with automatic exposure, automatic gain control, automatic white balance, and 3D digital noise reduction. Like most of the Honeywell security cameras, this camera also offers you superior quality high-resolution pictures of the object. It also has a 24-Hour Surveillance, which includes smart infrared (IR) technology. During the dark, you can view white and white images. The 3D digital noise reduction feature helps you to see clear images. The camera can withstand rain and snow.

It also comes with night vision that includes automatically switches from daytime color video to black and white video at night, 42 Built-in LEDs, and night vision ranges from 100 feet.

Camera Design

As it comes with a compact design, you can easily install it in your home or elsewhere as you need only three screws. At day, you can view color images offered by the camera because of IR cut filter.


It is an amazing camera, functions superbly by capturing clear images during night time by 42 IR LED and capture images up to 100 feet.  The Honeywell camera is weatherproof built that includes IP66 rating for dust and rainproof performance, the wide operating temperature of -4 to 122°F, and 2 x 60′ BNC cable included to facilitate installation.  Priced about US$ 91.93, no doubt this is a cost effective camera with excellent security features.

7. Honeywell Video HB74 Fixed Lens Bullet Camera (420 TVL, IR)

Honeywell Video HB74 Fixed Lens Bullet Camera
Package Dimensions
6.5 x 5.3 x 3.8 inches
Item Weight
12 ounces
Package Dimensions
6.5 x 5.3 x 3.8 inches
Item Weight
12 ounces

The Honeywell Video HB74 Fixed Lens Bullet Camera (420 TVL, IR) is a security camera ideal for outdoor, indoor, and low light surveillance. You can easily install the camera using the two-conductor pigtail by avoiding all wire cuttings. This connects to the barrel connector which means you do not need to remove the wires when installing. You can install the mounting bracket securely and quickly with three screws on walls or ceilings.


Being a fixed lens bullet camera it needs its space and should be installed in areas that do not make it very evident that there is a camera in there. This is one of the best surveillance cameras among Honeywell security cameras, and available with IR illumination making night scanning easy.  You can have 365 days uninterrupted day and night surveillance.  The LED is supported with auto-illumination and hence the brightness is evenly distributed to the LED.  The sensors regulate the flow of illumination and control the excess movement of lighting.  When the set parameter of light decreases, the camera automatically changes to night mode and IR is activated.  You will have an array 12 LED for perfect color shoot in the day and black and white pictures on the night


Having a scanning system of 525/60 lines, image sensor of 1/3″ High Sensitivity CCD, and a number of pixels (H x V) 510 x 492, this is a very powerful bullet camera indeed.


Finally, the Honeywell camera is being sold about $51.60 and provides a simple solid design gives good performance for outdoor and indoor applications, atria, foyers, including lobbies, gated entrances, vestibules, driveways and loading dock.  The security camera is competently priced and, of course, is the best bet to buy.

8. HD31WH IR Ball Camera 960H Resolution VFMI Lens True Day/Night Indoor/Outdoor by Honeywell WHITE

HD31WH IR Ball Camera 960H
Product Dimensions
5.7 x 5.7 x 5.7 inches
Item Weight
1.3 pounds
Product Dimensions
5.7 x 5.7 x 5.7 inches
Item Weight
1.3 pounds

Yet another wonder security camera from the family of Honeywell security cameras, the HD31WH IR Ball Camera 960H Resolution VFMI Lens True Day/Night Indoor/Outdoor by Honeywell WHITE is a perfect indoor and outdoor surveillance camera.   The camera is affordably priced and featured to meet all the standard requirements that are essential for indoor and outdoor security expectations.


Some of the characteristics include a superior image, ultra-high clarity images with detailed resolution with 700 TV lines, vibrant color pictures, excellent low-light performance, 42 IR LEDs provide up to 100 ft (30 m) of illumination, 24-hour surveillance true day/night capability, and scene reflectance. This Honeywell camera comes in a versatile design that enables you to place it compact areas as well as wide open areas.


With superior image, clear, ultra-high quality and high-resolution images with 700 TV lines,  high-quality color pictures, excellent low-light performance, 42 IR LEDs provide up to 100 ft (30 m) of illumination, 24-hour surveillance true day/night capability, and scene reflectance you can expect it to protect your property. The sensors of this Honeywell camera automatically convert the mode of operation and start capturing images in black and while when the visibility turn into the dark.


Wow, it is sensationally priced about $91.95 and comes with the superior picture, detailed high-quality resolution images (700 TVL) vibrant color pictures, and excellent low-light performance.

9. Honeywell Video HD51P Super High-Resolution Vandal Resistant Dome Camera

Honeywell Video HD51P
Package Dimensions
7.5 x 6.9 x 4.9 inches
Item Weight
2.7 pounds
Package Dimensions
7.5 x 6.9 x 4.9 inches
Item Weight
2.7 pounds

The Honeywell Video HD51P Super High-Resolution Vandal Resistant Dome Camera is a strong dome camera that incorporates a 1/3 inches CCD. This consists of 550 TV lines of clear and crisp, horizontal resolution.  It has enhanced optical versatility made possible by incorporating 3.8 to 9.5 mm variable autofocus Iris lens.  Variable positioning and maximum panning are made possible with the 3-D gimbal axis.


The camera comes with a versatile design. The HD51 is designed for use in challenging environments. The camera meets IP66 standard and is a best outdoor unit and equally good for indoor usage.  It can be fitted easily on walls and ceilings and has a wonderful ability to wither any rough and tough weather conditions.

The camera is equipped with a 3.8 to 9.5mm built-in Vari-focal auto Iris lens. This has increased the optical versatility of the camera. The HD51 installs quickly and easily. Along with connection kit, you will have two pigtail conductors which are used to connect to the barrel connector.  The pigtail connectors will avoid using cut wire for installation. In addition, you will have video output port that will help you for quick and easy focusing.


It is priced about $199.99.  This Honeywell camera has increased optical versatility which provides you with improved range. The HD51 can be installed quickly without professional support.  You don’t have to do any wire cutting and fixing just use the two standard pigtails conductor for the connection.   The video out port let you fix the focus at the required level.  Overall it is very customer friendly.

10. Honeywell – IPCAM-WI2B – Camera, Ip For Total Connect

Honeywell - IPCAM-WI2B
Package Dimensions
9 x 7.2 x 5.3 inches
Item Weight
1.75 pounds
Package Dimensions
9 x 7.2 x 5.3 inches
Item Weight
1.75 pounds

The Honeywell – iPCAM-WI2B – Camera, Ip For Total Connect is one of the best wireless Honeywell security cameras and it easy to install. It is a lightweight camera and uses patented cloud-based interface. This Honeywell camera used I-View NowTM video alarm verification, which is patented by Honeywell.  This feature allows transmitting information and monitors what exactly is the reason that is responsible for transmitting the warning message.  This will help people to take the right decision before reaching to the incident location.  The camera is compact in design and hence is convenient to mount in places where it is not that easily visible. By using Wi-Fi the system, it can be connected to the router and configured with iPCAM.

General features

It has been well designed and can be placed anywhere. Being portable, you can carry it with wherever you want inside the house. The camera comes with a standard of IEEE 802, 11B/G/N and encryptions of WEP 64 bits/ 128 bits, and WPA/WPA2 Personal and WPS.


The video comes with a resolution which can support 640 x 480, 320 x 240, and 160 x 120. You can also view up to thirty (30) frames per second for the resolutions. It also has an infrared like the Automatic IR-Cut Switcher, which can help you view up to a distance of 25 feet. This product helps you keep a check on your property through your smartphones.

The only problem with this camera is that, without the Internet connection, you cannot see the live video viewing your smartphone. This is something which you will want to think about before buying the camera.


With an active internet connection, and availing the Total Connect video account you can get the security monitoring information on your Smartphone or PC.  For this, the entire installation process of Honeywell camera IPCM-WI2 monitoring system has to be completed, because with a single Total Connect system, you will have the facility to support six Alarmnet security monitoring cameras.  You will have options to choose from IPCAM-PT, IPCAM-WI, and IPCAM-WO with a maximum limit of 6 cameras.  The security camera system also offers short video alert clips with each clip will have 10 seconds lasting available into your email ID.   The security cameras system is priced about US$ 139.

Buyer’s Guide Tips – What to Look For & General Questions

Here are few pointers which you will want to take note of before purchasing your security camera.

The requirements

It is essential that you understand your requirements before you decide to buy a security camera.

  • Do you want to keep an eye on your kids or pets when you are work and want to ensure that your property is safe?
  • Do you want your camera to be able to move around on your property?
  • Have the ability to access to your security camera through your smartphone?
  • Save video footage or choose cloud storage?
  • Finally, do you want other devices to work with your camera?

These are the kinds of questions which you would want to be asking yourself before you buy the camera. Once you have decided on that, you will want to make the purchase.

The power and range

The power and range of a security camera is another factor which you will wish to take into consideration. These are very necessary for your surveillance camera to be able to provide you with optimum protection. Unless the camera is powerful and comes with a range of at least 50 feet, you can consider your home safe.

The price

The pricing of the security camera is the next thing you will want to think further. If you can afford the best one who comes around $400 or more, then it is good. These are the best security cameras and ensure that your property is safe. However, when your finances are low, then you will want to go in for cheaper security cameras which cost $200 or even less.


Security cameras are supposed to blend in. For that reason, you’ll find a lot of cameras with simple white and black finishes. But, when you look closer, key details help distinguish a smartly-designed camera from the rest of the pack. Few security cameras come with or cylindrical in shape or built-in stands.

When you want to mix up your camera angling, then you can make use of a position which helps you use it as a pivot.

Types of cameras

There are many types of cameras which come in different shapes and sizes.

Bullet cameras

Bullet cameras come in different shapes and sizes. They are excellent devices when you know where to install them and make them work.

Dome cameras

Dome cameras are ceiling-mounted cameras which blend with the room in which they are installed. You can zoom, tilt, and pan for a closer look.

Live streaming cameras

Live streaming cameras are perfect for unmanned and remote monitoring. Finally, you need to power them and view them on smartphone and computer system for live view.

Hidden cameras

Hidden cameras are the ideal security cameras you want to have when sharing your room or house with outsiders. You can install them in clocks, keys, bags, just about anywhere you want to. Others will not know that they are being watched. Supposing you are noticing things missing in your home or office, then installing a hidden camera in your room or cabin is perfect. The thief will have no idea that he/she is being watched.

Camera Specification

After deciding on the type or brand of the camera then the next important point is identifying the specification required for the system.

Color or black & white

A color security camera system is preferable than a black and white system. Color pictures can clearly and easily help the authorities to identify the intruder. Color cameras are highly effective in a well-lit area. Black and white cameras can give high-resolution pictures in low light areas. Depending on the nature of the location, you can choose the best suitable camera.

Motion sensing and recording

You don’t necessarily need a camera that continuously record the area when there is nothing unusual happens. So, you have to look for a camera then start recording if any motion is detected.

Night recording with IR features

It is better to buy a camera that can detect any movement and even record during poor light or night time. Look for a camera that can give high-resolution night images. For more tips on night security and IR check out this post from eBay.

Image shooting focus

The camera lens should have maximum focal length and maximum wide area coverage.

Alert mechanism

Finally, most of the latest security cameras come with the alert mechanism. The moment any untoward incidents are sensed, the device will start recording and send alert messages to your Smartphone or PC.

Recording and Cloud features

It is good to buy a security camera that has built-in recording and storage memory or removable storage memory because cameras with cloud storage facilities are more preferable than any other devices. The advantages are, you can download the cloud information any time irrespective of your location where you stay.

Power and battery backup

Any device that is running on AC and also decent battery standby power options are a good choice. This will make sure that you will have full security coverage all the time.


The device must be made of a rough and tough material because it can weather all climatic conditions.

Keeping tracking the object

You need to buy a camera that can cover the entire entry point, also you can buy a fixed camera to meet this objective. But at times, you need an oscillating camera, which can pan from side to side, move ups and down and zoom. These features are generally known as PTZ, and you can look for these characteristics in Honeywell Security Cameras.

Zooming options

The advanced security cameras will have zoom options which can also be controlled remotely by using the Smartphone. This will help to have a close look at the incident and aid you in determining if your presence, because it is really required or not.

Noise monitoring

This feature is especially good when you need to monitor the movement of your baby. You can activate or deactivate these features because it is an optional choice.

What is the right resolution?

The more the resolution, then there are every chance to have the best clarity pictures of the object. But remember it is not just only the pixel that helps you to get the best sharp image. There should be proper light too. However, on the safer side, it is preferable to go for a higher resolution camera with more VTL.

Product service

Product service and after sales service is an important thing you need consider before finalizing the deal. Before signing the purchase agreement and their contract, make sure the company is reputed and always keep its promises and delivered their services. You can have a better idea about the product and services by also reading through their reviews and customer forums.

Finally, Be aware of the law

Here is an important thing to take note. In few countries or states, installing cameras in certain areas can be viewed as a violation of privacy. Before you install security cameras in a few vicinities, you will want to ensure that the audio or video is not against the local law enforcement jurisdiction.


Finally, as you read, each of the cameras comes with its own features. It also has its own pros and cons. Based on your requirements you will want to install a Honeywell camera which you feel is helpful feature and money wise in your property.

Now you might have understood how important is it to check various parameters of a surveillance camera and what cares to be taken before planning to buy security cameras. The best understanding of your requirements and best understanding of the capabilities of the cameras let you take a proper decision that can meet most of your requirement if not all.

After installation of the system, you must be well aware of the procedures and should have a thorough knowledge how to receive the information and what are the actions to be taken. You may select only those services that are essential for you to maintain the security and surveillance what you want to have.

Hope this concise guide and product reviews would have helped you to understand differences and advances of various monitoring systems. As the technology keeps on moving, the fundamental concept of security and surveillance will remain as it is and the selection process also will be there without much change. Reading this guide will help you to select the best Honeywell Security cameras of your choice that can meet your security requirements.

Canary All-in-One Home Security Device Review

Canary security cameraIs It A Worthy Device to Have At Home?


Homes are considered safe when you have a reliable security device that protects it from unwanted people or intruders. You need a device that is cheap but provides you with all the features which require you to ensure your privacy is not invaded. In this review, we will read about the Canary Security Camera and find out if it is really worth getting installed in your house.

The Canary All-in-One Home Security Device can be termed as more than just a surveillance camera. It comes with multiple sensors and a 1080p camera, provides a clear live streaming video which can be viewed through your smartphone, records events when motion is detected and monitors the air quality, temperature, and humidity levels in your house using Home health.

The Canary comes with a feature known as GEO fencing which enables it to activate and disarm itself. You can also view the 12 hours of video that has been recorded free of cost. Further, you can see more than that, but you will need to subscribe a premium cloud storage plan. It can be quickly set up and downloaded through the free app.

Let us read more and find out if the device is worth all the hype.

Product features

Canary product information

The Canary Security Camera is a beautiful looking cylinder shaped camera which measures 3 inches in diameter and 6 inches high. It can be bought in colors of black, silver, white, and weighs 0.87- pound, and looks appropriately modern as the front of the device holds a 1080p camera and a black panel that comes with a 147-degree viewing angle.

It also comes with 12 Infrared LEDs and a 3X zoom which enables night vision. You can view up to an impressive 25 feet. The back has an Ethernet port, a port used for creating a proper connection between the camera and a smartphone, and a micro USB power port. You know that the Canary camera is offline when you see a red color.

There is also an LED ring which is in red in color and blinks when searching for a network connection. The green color indicates, it is ready and yellow light is for disarmed. The security device comes with a 90 dB siren and a microphone. The Wi-Fi radio sends messages to your smartphone through the cloud storage.

Canary Security Camera

All you need to do is plug the Canary Security Camera, connect it to the Internet, and download the app. There is no need to buy contracts or monthly fees. To install, you need to download the app, create an account using your email address. Provide your smartphone number. You can then set the security device according to your requirements and needs.

The only part where things might get delayed is when you have to establish a connection to your Internet and Smartphone. The auto-arm/disarm feature enables itself to arm and disarm itself. The need to keep setting it, again and again, it not there. The personalized safety net allows you to receive all the notifications which you should get.

Some of you might travel often or have some work or meetings you can set up the security device such that you are aware of the happenings in your home. Some of the properties of the security device include encryption features using AES 256 bit symmetric key, secure HTTP connection by using TLS or SSL and Cloud facilities by using VPC (Virtual Private Cloud).

The packages

You will want to know that the makers of Canary have given a trial period that allows you to operate it and be able to access 100 video bookmarks, seven days of timeline history, and unlimited downloads. Then you are enrolled in the free starter plan that provides you with five bookmarks, three downloads, and 12 hours of timeline history.

You have few packages from Canary, which you can choose as per your convenience. The $9.99 monthly/$99 annual plan comes with 100 bookmarks, unlimited downloads, and a seven-day timeline. The $4.99 monthly/$49 annual plan gets you 25 bookmarks, unlimited downloads, and a two-day timeline. The $29.99 monthly/$299 annual plan you get unlimited bookmarks, a 30-day schedule, and unlimited downloads. Looks very fabulous and is matching to most of the family budget.

Highlighted features

white and black Canary security cameras

Night vision: It has 1080p HD camera, automatic night vision, 147-degree wide-angle lens, and high-quality audio.

Alarm: The alarm comes with motion-activated recording, 90+ dB siren, and optional professional monitoring, and auto-arm/disarm.

Home health feature: It monitors temperature, air quality, and humidity through the Home health feature which benefits your health.

Instant video alerts: Receive instant video alerts to your mobile through the cloud service.

No fees: No installation, contracts, and no monthly fees required. This is a unique feature of Canary Security Camera.

Free cloud storage: It provides free secure cloud storage.

  • It is very simple to install as it takes only a matter of minutes.
  • It comes with a sharp 1080p video.
  • Provides you with crystal clear night vision that is extremely useful to monitor your children and pets.
  • Monitors the air quality.
  • Auto motion detection and alerts service.
  • Cylindrical shape and easy to place on a working table.
  • Live video alerts.
  • Can track indoor air quality.
  • Can check room temperature and humidity.
  • The cloud subscription plans are expensive.
  • There is no local storage available in the security device.
  • You will also want to know that it lacks two-way audio which is a common feature on many security appliances.

Product ranking and rating

The Canary All-in-One Home Security Device has received a good 3.8 out of 5 stars. You will be impressed with the fact that it has received 1,116 customer reviews who have commended it on its excellent looks and features. Considering the unique features and sharp contours, there is nothing to look beyond if you are decided to go for it.

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The Canary All-in-One Home Security Device is certainly a device that is worth having at home when you want to ensure that your surroundings are safe. It provides you with impressive video quality that also includes a highly detailed night vision mode. The Home health sensors are helpful and accurate.

However, you will also want to know that the over-sensitive motion sensor renders are unusable in many instances, and you cannot get text alerts when the power is not present. This is something which the makers will have to workout. You certainly do not want to be spending $250 on a product which cannot protect your home during a power outage.

When you need instant mobile alerts, live on-demand video, and sharp 1080p imagery, then you will want to consider this product. You can easily install it, and it tracks the air quality, room temperature, and humidity levels, in your home. You can also download and delete recorded videos by using Canary Security Camera.

The motion sensor is good, and the alarm is thunderous which automatically sets itself when you leave. PCMAG has voted it as ‘Editors’ Choice,’ which should tell you something about how popular it is. You will also want to know that the device can control other home automation devices.


It does keep track of your property with its powerful 1080p video capture. The bottom line is that the Canary All-in-One Home Security Device comes packed with powerful hardware and features. But, after usage, you might get a feeling deep down inside that you want to upgrade your security system unless you are financially broke.

Ready to purchase the Canary Security Camera?  Buy it Here with free shipping.

Nest Cam Security Camera Review – What Can We Expect from This Number One Seller?

Nest cam security camera

Everybody honestly wishes their home to be the safest place on the earth.  There are so many reasons that drive to think in this way. You are worried about the safety of your kids, pets, and elderly if present at home. Unfortunately, it is not the case, because there are always chances to have some unpleasant things in your home related to security. That is why you need to make use of Nest security cameras which ensures your home is a safer place to live by providing you the latest development in and around your home.

The Nest Cam Security Camera is the updated version of the Drop Cam Pro, its predecessor. Startup Drop Cam developed a webcam in 2009. The Pro was able to beat records and had amazing sales in the surveillance camera market. This encouraged the high-resolution DIY security company to come up with an improved version of the Drop Cam Pro is known as Nest Cam.  The security camera is lavishly appreciated by it users and the same is reflected in many Nest cam reviews.

You will be impressed with the fact that it can perform several actions by utilizing the Z-Wave home automation hub, outdoor temperature, monitors indoor humidity levels, delivers 1080p video, sends local weather alerts, which is why it is PCMAG Editors’ Choice for home surveillance cameras.  You can also read some of the in-depth nest can reviews in PCMAG magazine.

Product features

The Nest security cameras provide you with highly detailed 1080p videos which let you keep track of what is going on in and around in your house. The push-to-talk feature enables you to communicate through your smartphone with Nest Thermostat and Nest Protect. Though you can receive notifications, they are limited.

In Nest security cameras, the settings menu comes with an on/off switch that syncs with the Nest Thermostat. It is an image quality selector consists of 360p, 720p, 1080p that enables sound and motion alerts. The video access setting allows you to keep the camera private or public. The schedule setting enables you to control the camera turning off and on.

To install the Nest security cameras, you need to plug it in and download the app. When the app is opened, you have to provide information on your location. The digital zoom feature can enhance the portions of the video. Those of you who own the Pro might be little ticked off with the fact that most of the features found in the Nest can be found in the earlier versions also.

For the connectivity, you should have broadband internet and Wi-Fi connections. The net system should have 2Mbps broad band feature. Your phone needs to support 1080p which can enable to view the High Definition pictures. The device uses a pedestal-style stand that helps you turn it around 360 degrees. It can be folded into 180 degrees. It is highly advised to read Nest cam reviews for more information and installation systems.


The packages available for Nest security cameras are expensive. The cloud storage plans where you can manage and view your recorded video through cloud service subscription plans can burn a hole in your pocket. The free basic plan allows you to store 1,000 clips as it begins to delete them one by one on a first in/first out basis.

Though the device comes with so many features, you will not be impressed with the heating issues of the camera. The security camera gets hot very soon. They how do you expect it to work 24 hours? The security device measures 4.5 by 2.8 by 2.8 inches (HWD). It comes with a magnetic base that is useful to mount easily.

You can then unscrew the camera mount it on a tripod, using the wall mounting screws and bracket. The box is supplied with the Nest security camera, power adapter, magnetic holding base, Ten foot USB cable, wall mounting screws and plates, window decal, welcome guide and installation guide, etc.

nest cam plugged into wall

Highlighted features

Live video streaming:  The Nest security cameras are featured with the 24/7 live video streaming.  This will let you keep checking your home through the 1080p HD.  The feature will allow you to control your camera from anywhere.

Mobile alerts:  You can receive mobilephone alerts any time irrespective of the location where ever you are. This feature allows you to get sound and motion alerts when you notice something is happening around the property.

Night vision: With the night vision you can see your entire house clearly even if the visibility parameters are very poor.  This feature is extremely useful when you have pets and children to monitor.

Instant talk and listen: You can talk and listen to your infant when you are cooking or doing some work away from your home.  The feature will let you connected with your beloved ones always.

Easy steps: It is very easy to setup and quick to install, becuse you do not require a hub to start.

Subscribe Nest Aware:  You have to subscribe with Nest Aware to get 24/7 cloud algorithms enables you to get personalized alerts.  These features make sure that none of the alerts are missed or erased, and you can watch it anytime since it is stored in the cloud.

30-day trial: All Nest security cameras come with a free 30-day trial which enables you to make use of the device and then decides whether you want to upgrade.


  • It offers you with 24/7 live streaming. You can check whenever you want.
  • It comes with 24×7 continuous recording by using the Nest Aware subscription.
  • The video images are stored in the cloud system which is safe and secure.
  • You can receive custom alerts by creating activity zones which can help you keep track of the doors or windows.
  • The 1080p video offers you with clear videos with its high-quality glass lens, 8X digital zoom, and an image sensor.
  • The camera can be fitted can go on a wall and shelf.
  • Finally, you will also benefit from the fact that it works with other Nest devices.


  • The cloud storage plans are expensive.
  • It also comes with limited notification capabilities.
  • Finally, it has this bad habit of getting hot very soon.

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Product ranking and rating

The Nest Cam Security Camera has a healthy 3.9 out of 5 stars on Amazon. The best seller has also received 2,225 customer reviews on Amazon, which just simply goes to show the quality of the product.

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Nest Black security camera


The Nest security cameras are not the number one seller among other security devices for no reason. The high-resolution video (1080p), pivoting stand, updated app, and magnetic base are sure few steps from other DIY cameras. Apart from that, you will find it very simple to setup, because it provides you with sharp image detail, and excellent digital zoom.

The Nest Cam security camera is Wi-Fi enabled dual-band surveillance camera.  It offers sharp video image in 1080p resolution, with sound and motion detection features.  The camera also can be integrated with other Nest devices. It’s a snap to install, but you have to pay to view recorded video. However, while you can make use of enhanced features including sound alerts and opt-in motion, you will not find them useful at all, because they arrive on your smartphone every 30 minutes. All these highlighted features explained eloquently in many of the leading Nest cam reviews.

Does it solve the purpose? You cannot deny the fact that both the Drop Cam Pro and the Nest security cameras are extremely similar in features. Those of you who already own a Drop cam might not want to upgrade to this one unless you want a really high resolution live streaming camera.

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Amcrest ProHD 1080P

Amcrest ProHD 1080P WiFi Wireless IP Security Camera Review

Security and surveillance are always an area where homeowners or business establishment organizations can not compromise. People are always looking for a compact and multiple featured security camera systems where they can easily monitor the developments in their absence. Amcrest ProHD 1080P WiFi Wireless IP Security Camera featuring with all the modern facilities, including the best remote connectivity and let you keep in touch with your home or office anytime, anywhere.

General characteristics:

The Amcrest ProHD is an advanced feature packed home surveillance camera with a two-way communication system, Pan & Tilt, IR night vision features, motion alerts, digital zoom, Macro SD card slot and many other smart features, makes this one of the best nanny cameras that being sold in the market. The two-way communication system is one of the friendliest features you can find in this security camera. It will let you talk with your toddler, can see your baby and even watch how the nanny is feeding the baby, etc…, all in your physical absence and you can stay connected with your family.

Highlighted features:

IR night vision: Amcrest ProHD has equipped with 32ft night vision feature is made possible with12 IR LEDs.  Its sensors are very robust to catch any moving objects within the perimeter of the camera lens. The night vision power is better than any other current camera system available in the market.

Pan & Tilt: The tilt and Pan feature provided on this product take you to a new realm of surveillance possibility by remote monitoring using your mobile or laptop. Its 360-degree manoeuvring ability, with high-resolution picture qualities, let you watch everything happens within the perimeter of the camera. The camera offers 90-degree angles of surveillance coverage.

Fix it quickly: The Amcrest ProHD comes with a bundle of quick installation features. The provide QR code; let you scan by your cell phone, especially if you are using iOS/Android featured cell phones. The app, Amcrest View Lite helps you to configure without using the router and complete the setup process. Once the connection setup process is over the system will immediately start beaming, securely encrypted audio-video visual to your personal gadgets, cell phone or tablet or computer.

Free cloud saving: With the support of Amcrest Cloud, you can store 4 hours continuous recording without any extra cost. You can also have paid storage facilities with extra space with various storage day plans. The image quality will be assured to have 1080p.

HD quality images: For better quality images it is fitted with Sony Image Sensor and it can offer 1080p high-quality, crisp pictures with a resolution of 1920×1080. With uncompromised quality, the camera can capture 30 frames per second.

Amcrest ProHD 1080P


  • Wide Angle Lens for excellent coverage.
  • Pan and Tilting features
  • Night vision features up to 32ft
  • High-resolution pictures 1920×1080
  • Built-in two-way microphone
  • Motion detection
  • Record and play back by micro SD card
  • Fast WiFi setup features with iPhone/Android cell phones
  • Email alerts
  • Finally, two-way communication


  • Set up process would be painful for at least some people.
  • Finally, pan, tilt and zoom feature options are not on live feed page. Therefore, when opting for PTZ, there is no way to get audio and mic or any other options.

Product ranking:

The product enjoys fantastic customer reviews on Amazon and many leading online stores. On Amazon, it has 4.2 stars ranking out of 5 stars and 64 percentages of customers have lavishly favoured the camera with full 5 stars ranking, followed by 16 percentages awarded 4stars ranking. Overall it is an acceptable level of classification.


The Amcrest ProHD is a cool product. It can ease up your surveillance issues; since the technical options allow you to view your home or office remotely while you away, record, playback, communicate and even pan and tilt the camera the way how you want to have it. With full cloud support features, you will have free access to the stored images anytime, anywhere. Similarly, the night vision features, alert features, 24 hours accessibility, etc., are designed to meet your objectives that are essential for a surveillance camera system.


The most disturbing factor of any security camera system is its accessibility, image quality, playback system, two-way communication, remote viewing, remote manoeuvring, cloud support and above all pricing factors. All these elements are cleverly managed in Amcrest ProHD 1080P WiFi Wireless IP Security Camera. In fact, this will free you from the mental stress, especially if you had a toddler at home and looked after by the nanny. Anytime, you can stay connected with your family or office makes things easy for you. With great quality HD crisp pictures, the camera can meet your expectations and offer value for money.

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Amcrest 1080P HD Video Security System

Amcrest 1080P HD Video Security System Review

Amcrest 1080P HD Over Analog (HDCVI) 8CH Video Security System is a new age home and office security buddy that has brought into the market by Foscam, US. It allows CCTV cams to be placed all around the home or office, which can be controlled centrally by the system. It utilizes closed circuit design of HDCIV in the analog camera for real-time surveillance. The transmission is long range and also provides a secure closed network. It is hassle-free to set up and easy to use, employing the plug and play feature. It comes with a 1 year US warranty and has easy DIY installation.


The system has excellent video quality of 1920 x 1080p (1920 tvl) at 30 fps with real time recording functions that enable the user to view the footage instantly. It also records in widescreen format; allowing easy viewing of recordings and has a quick access QR code that helps for remotely viewing the recording on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices which make the system very user-friendly and easy to manage. It also comes included with the Amcrest View app.

The recordings shall be in digital format; and images from different cameras are recorded at a centrally controlled unit by seamless integration. This technology helps to manage the recording without any complication and also ease up the checking of images. The camera transmits uncompressed signals by HD-CIV and as a result the latency in getting the signal never happens. It comes with a pre-installed Hard Disk Drive (HDD), and it can perform continuous high-resolution recording for 360hrs. The cameras as IP66, which are Indoor and Outdoor weatherproof and have a compelling IR-LED vision, making night time recording clear too. It can do long range transmission up to 984ft and also can run on a single coaxial cable. Also, it has a USB backup feature for saving recordings from important time frames.

Highlighted Features:

Excellent Video Quality: The system takes images with 1920 x 1080p resolution, is great video quality and also takes images with crystal clear quality. The 30fps image capturing ability is superb and can make facial recognition of intruders very easy.

Amcrest 1080P HDReal Time Video: The system has the facility of Real Time recording that makes it an excellent choice for anybody who constantly needs to monitor sensitive areas with high-security risks. The real-time imaging enables the security staff or personnel to capture intruders easily.

Remote Viewing: For all those times, when the user is not at home or is just out for a little lunch or coffee break even, the areas with security risks still need monitoring and Amcrest 1080P provides a solution for that. It has a unique QR Code and after scanning into an iPhone; iPad or any Android device and the camera footage can be viewed remotely. So even if you’re away your desk, your home or office’s security is still in your hands!

Easy Set Up:

The cameras connect directly with the DVR for painless and simple plug –n-play set up. The DVR functions as a single control hub and makes the cameras simple to secure. To upgrade to HDCVI from predecessor technologies; the user simply has to switch out the camera units and DVR and keep the coaxial cabling from earlier set ups.

Motion Detection and Alerts: The DVR can be used to customize motion alerts. We can set perimeter zones, specify active grids of camera motion and even set a 24×7 schedule for when the warning system is armed or disarmed. It also has options to avoid wind-related false alarms. It activates multiple security responses like sending an e-mail, triggering recording and turning on the DVR’s buzzer.

Weatherproof cameras: Rain or the sunshine, dust or dampness, these cameras are made of heavy duty metal and are engineered to perform in severe environmental conditions. The camera’s build quality guarantees the reliability of surveillance systems in all types of weather.


  • The Amcrest 1080P can be used in residential areas like porches, backyards, patios, gardens, pools, bedrooms, garages, etc. Also, they can be used in business areas like car parks, courtyards, shipping bays, retail offices, warehouses, etc.
  • Since it has high-quality video and real-time imaging, intruder recognition becomes very easy, making it a viable private security solution.
  • Since it has easy set up with DIY instructions included, there’s no need to call upon specialized workers to set up the system.
  • The cameras are heavy-duty and weatherproof, which make them usable round the clock and all over the year.
  • Since it provides motion detection and intruder alerts, the security personnel can spend an hour or two away from the system without being stressed about missing anything important.
  • Since it provides remote viewing, the user can have access to his/her home or office area even when they’re on a holiday, and this contributes to their peace of mind too.
  • It comes with a pre-loaded HDD that can take up to 360 hours of continuous recording.


  • This system price is slightly on the higher side and could have been a little more affordable. But, considering the features, the deal is worth the money.
  • It also uses up a lot of Internet data and thus it is recommended to place it on a separate Internet network, rather than the same one used by home users.

Product Ranking:

The product has 4.2 out of 5 stars on Amazon, a clear indication of its mass acceptability among its customers.   Out of the total customers; 61% favored the surveillance system with 5 stars and another 21% supported the product with 4 stars. Overall, considering the customer feedback, Amcrest 1080P HD is a reliable product for quality and performance.


The product has great quality and is also user-friendly.  The price may be high, but you have to pay the price for quality. The product has got great reviews on Amazon and the quality of service by Foscam is also outstanding. The recording quality is superb and is an excellent surveillance solution for home and office level security.


The product reviews clearly indicate its quality and compared to its competitors in the market; Amcrest 1080P HD indeed offers great quality and easy management. The product is versatile, can be used in all kinds of environments and also has considerable credibility. Amcrest offers prompt service as and when problems occur in the device and the 1 year US warranty guarantees free service and repairs too. Its alert feature comes in handy as it not only sets off alarms but also notifies the user via email that an intruder is trying to trespass the property. All in all, it is an excellent surveillance camera.

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GW Security 32CH400WHD 32 Channel DVR 24 Outdoor Security Cameras Review

People who are looking for a high degree of surveillance for their business or any other property, The GWSecurity-32CH400WHD 24 cameras package is a perfect choice. This camera package provides the best indoor and outdoor security services that will suit for any scenario. The security cameras in this package are 24 in number and are advanced, weatherproof and suitable for both indoor and outdoor security. It has a VGA DVR system for monitoring and 32 channel HDMI.

Reasons to choose The GW Security – 32CH400WHD 24 cameras Package:

The remarkable features of GWSecurity-32CH400WHD 24 cameras system can be split into groups.

  • The characteristics that come with the 32 Channel DVR
  • The characteristics of the 24 security cameras.

In order to make the users familiarize with the monitoring and the camera system, a guide is provided along with the purchase of GW Security System.

The 32 Channel DVR has a 4TB hard drive that is already installed, PTZ control and a USB backup. It is easy to organize remote viewing with the application present for various mobile devices like iPhones, Android, iPad and many more. If any suspicious activities are detected by the security camera, it will immediately notify the users via email alerts. This is possible due to the configuration of motion-activated sensors that can detect suspicious activities.

The security cameras that are used outdoor can also be used as indoor security cameras. The cameras are tensile and weatherproof as it is coated with metal. If the security cameras are positioned in an elevated place, they can be avoided from any damage as they will not grab any unwanted attention.

With the help of the 1000 TVL line resolution, each GW Security System offers high-resolution imaging. The user can adjust the view angle with the help of the manual zoom Varifocal lens (2.8mm – 12mm) which is inbuilt. The system of 64PCS IR LED integrated into every device attributes to the remarkable feature of 147-foot night vision.

How the GWSecurity-32CH400WHD 24 cameras have an edge over its competitors?

The GW Security System face negligent competition from its peers, especially when comparing to the quality features of GWSecurity-32CH400WHD 24 cameras surveillance segment. One of the competitors Lorex makes a home protection package of 24 cameras that has less characteristic, yet a lot cheaper. GW Security additionally provides a surveillance framework with 16 security cameras that function outdoor being almost indistinguishable to the cameras that accompany the 32CH400WHD 24 cameras frameworks.

The 16 camera package is best suited for top quality outdoor and indoor security cameras rather than the 24 devices.

Setting up the GWSecurity-32CH400WHD 24 cameras unit:

The 32 channel DVR has a preinstalled 4TB hard drive. This has a huge storage and is good for recording and storing the image data. The installation procedure of the indoor and outdoor security cameras is much easier nowadays than it was in the past. It is very important to decide the positioning of the cameras and check if it requires any setting up of power cables or adapters. The DVR and the monitor also have to be positioned properly. However, many users who have the security camera for the home install the monitor remotely.

The advantages of using The GWSecurity-32CH400WHD 24 cameras System:

Commitments are honored: It is the generally pleasant experience to realize that reliable and reputed organizations will stand for their commitments and make sure that the product shall deliver all the functionalities as what has been offered at the selling point of time.  The GWSecurity-32CH400WHD 24 cameras package is supported by one year guarantee, and free lifetime online and telephone GW Security client and technical support.

High-quality video feeds: Very high-quality video feeds are ensured inside and outside the house/office by the GW Security System that is supported by color Sony CMOS units by 1000 TV lines. One can capture the exact views one needs by adjusting the view angle. This is possible due to the presence of 2.8mm – 12mm Manual Varifocal lens. With the help of the button control in the ODS menu, the security camera can be easily maneuvered for zooming in and out to get quality digital images.

Perfect motion detectors: Once configured, the motion detector present in the system allows the user to receive alerts via email instantaneously whenever a suspicious action occurs. One can view the images remotely using a mobile phone. Numerous free applications can be downloaded to help you for supporting the remote view.


Shipping terms: Not all territories are covered by a free shipping terms. Since this is a big surveillance security system, customers are requested to check the fine print of the shipping and delivery terms. Some territories could be exempted due to heavy delivery costs and hence make sure that your delivery point is covered as per the GW Security System delivery terms.


On an average the security camera system has 4.6 stars out of 5 stars and 67 percentage customers support the product with full 5-star compliments. The consumers who use The GWSecurity-32CH400WHD 24 cameras System are always satisfied with its astonishing features and quality output. There are many cheaper security systems available on the market with less quality and features. However, if a person is very keen on quality and remarkable features, The GW Security-32CH400WHD 24 cameras System is the best choice. Although this system needs high capital, it is totally worth every penny spent on it.

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Summer Infant

Summer Infant Clear Sight Digital Color Video Monitor Review

All parents want to see their children safe and happy. Babies are so fragile and require a permanent surveillance in order to make sure that they are fine and sleep well. At the same time, it is not advisable to enter the room where the little one sleeps as this can wake him/her up. Fortunately, technology has evolved and now there is the possibility to keep an eye on the baby even when you are not close to him/her. You can hear and see when the little one needs you. Summer Infant Clear Sight Digital Color Video Monitor is such a device, perfect for all families with small children.

Summer Infant includes a two-way communication system. This means that not only you can hear the baby, but you can also talk back. This feature is extremely useful during the night when the baby wakes up as you can sooth him/her without having to go to him/her. The camera from the baby’s room includes a digital zoom, and the night vision is in black and white for a clearer view. The range of this device is excellent, 600-feet. The parent unit can even be taken in the yard without worrying that you will lose contact with the little one.

Pros and Cons

Analyzing the customer reviews of this product it can be seen that the microphone works perfectly in both directions. The quality of the sound is very clear. The night vision can be adjusted with the lighting on the camera in order to achieve a better view. The design is expendable, thus it is a great solution even for families with more than a single child. It has a very good rating, 4.3 out of 5, based on 31 comments. Analyzing what people have to say about Summer Infant, here are the main pros and cons for choosing such a product.

The main advantages of using this product are:

  • The screen colors are vibrant and clear;
  • The battery life is excellent; it can last up to eight hours when it is set only on audio;
  • The two-way communication system is very clear;
  • It is very easy to set up and use;
  • The night vision is  very good;
  • The monitor and parent unit are made of high-quality materials;
  • It does not interfere with the wireless network or microwaves;
  •  The audio sensitivity is excellent;
  • There is the possibility to turn off the video and still hear the little one;
  • The camera can either be mounted on the wall or placed on a straight surface;
  • It is very easy to adjust the volume.

The main disadvantages of using this product are:

  • The screen size is a bit small;
  • The camera angle is not wide, thus it does not manage to cover much viewing area;
  • It transmits a bit of white noise.

A Closer Look

Summer Infant was founded in 1985 by William Locket III. The first product manufactured by the company was the Bouncy Seat, that was specially designed for his daughter Summer. Jason Macari bought the firm in 2001 and came up with a new vision. The products developed aim to help parents be more relaxed by encouraging the bounding with the little ones. In order to ensure innovative and safe products, Summer Infant collaborates with child development experts, pediatrics, and professionals. The domains covered by the company are: monitors, nursery, bath and potty, safety and health, gear and travel.


This product includes a series of features that are extremely helpful for every family. Each package comes with:

  • 100% digital technology that assures privacy and security;
  • Handheld monitor;
  • Two-way communication system;
  • Night vision;
  • Digital zoom;
  • It is expendable, and you can add up to three cameras.


The handheld unit includes a color LCD that works with a rechargeable battery. The night vision transmits images in black and white that are very accurate, allowing you to see the little one sleeping. In order to talk back to the baby, you only need to push a button. The parent unit includes indicators that alert you when the battery is low or when you are out of range.


Overall, Summer Infant Clear Sight Digital Color Video Monitor is a great product. It can be bought at an affordable price, and it is extremely helpful for all families. Its main plusses are the high quality of the sound and image and the convenient range. There are no chances that you will not enjoy this great video baby monitor.

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Philips Avent SCD560


Philips Avent Baby Monitor

When I wanted to buy the SCD510 lately, I was surprised to find that it has been replaced by Philips Avent SCD560 and SCD570! Aw, I really liked the cute design, but from the reviews, it seems that the new updates were an improvement, so I bought the SCD510.

Both of them are basically the same except for an additional digital screen with the SCD520, which shows the temperature and other functions, and an extra on the price tag, of course.

I figured out that I didn’t need it to tell me the temperature in our toddler’s room because this baby monitor also works like a walkie-talkie and our kid is old enough to tell me if he’s hot or needs anything.

No White Noise and No Static

What’s so cool about the Philips Avent DECT monitor is that it doesn’t pick up the white noise! I had read the reviews about this and didn’t really believe it until I used it myself.

You can control the sensitivity of the monitor so that you pick up only the noises you want to hear. I set it so that I couldn’t hear the clock or fan in my kid’s room but if he makes his baby noises or talks to me; I can hear him ever so clearly.

And there’s totally no static at all, just like what Philips guaranteed. I’ve used it beside our modem, handphones and microwave, no problem at all.

What You Might Not Like

The volume on the parent unit is indeed a bit low like other users have said; but I got around this problem by training my kid to speak towards his unit. He thinks it’s a phone! But if you have a younger baby, you might want to place the unit closer to the baby when he/she sleeps.

I’m very happy to say this is the best baby monitor I’ve used. I bought it at Amazon at a promotional price and had it shipped to me free of charge. Check it out here:


Amcrest 960H Video Security System

Amcrest 960H Video Security System: An Honest Review

Why should we have security cameras?

Security Cameras are one of the most acclaimed tools to keep a check on one’s property or business. Out of the many security surveillance systems, Amcrest 960H is considered as one of the best suitable for your home and office surveillance. They can be used for both indoor and outdoor surveillance. Security Cameras have successfully used to prove various crimes such as theft, burglaries, arson, trespassing, etc.

The market is flooded with various brands of security camera systems. Of all the kinds of security systems available, The Amcrest 960H Video Security System tops the list as it is much uncomplicated and has highly proficient framework. It has an edge over all the other security systems due to its exquisite design characteristic and viable parts you get with the container, thus providing superlative results and performance.

At present, there are about 12 security camera systems available in the market. They are day and Night, Outdoor, IR, Dome, Bullet, Convert, Discreet, Varifocal, Wireless, Network/IP, High Definition Cameras and PTZ/Speed Domes. Each system has a unique characteristic and satisfies a different requirement.

However, one general objective of any security system is to keep an eye on your house/property/business while you are away and watch all the activities remotely. This will help a person to have complete control over his place even if he is not physically present there.

Major Features:

Weighing just 11 pounds, the components of this exceptional item are very ample. Include a cool, stylish look and you have a decent beginning to an extraordinary framework.

  • It’s the best element is the 4 High Resolution 800+ TVL IP66 Heavy Duty Metal Weatherproof Cameras. It has an additional feature of IR LED night vision ability.
  • It has a preinstalled memory of 500GB.This can also be extended up to 3TB (where 1 TB = 1000 GB) when paid. With the supreme storage capacity, one can enjoy the benefit of 6 days of normal recording. With the combination of cameras with high resolution, one can enjoy a crisp and consistent security for office and home.
  • The Amcrest Link Application operates perfectly with iPhone, iPad and other Android mobiles in order to let recording as well as viewing using a widescreen.

Apart from these, there are well ordered parts such as power cables, user manuals, 720p DVR motherboard, foot cables and obviously the projectile cameras with a proficient power splitter and mounting equipment.

Amcrest 960H


  • The four cameras with high resolution work easily with the brilliant recording highlight. You won’t discover slacks or defers in execution from either. This is sure to catch all points of interest at all times. Also, there is a superlative quality of video and audio.
  • The major need for the security cameras is to monitor the activities during the night when there are high chances of risk. In order to improve the night’s vision, there is a 24 IR LED.
  • One can monitor the system and view its activities in a smartphone; (iOS or Android) for one full year with the courtesy of Foscam Digital Tech.
  • It can cover really long distances of about 984 feet by using the transmission range.
  • There is an availability of CE & FCC certification for the entire collaboration. This shows that the Amcrest 960H Professional Video Security System’s power supply is UL compliant. In addition to this, there is a one year warranty period for this product (excluding American citizens).


  • If handled in a rough way, the motherboard will not function properly. Scratches, dropping and wrong way of handling the device can slow the performance of the system and cause bad results.
  • You need to keep the security camera in a room with good ventilation or air conditioning as there are high chances of overheating of the motherboard.

So far we have discussed only a small a small glimpse of the product. This product has many other interesting features you can learn about. To call this system “ingenious” underrates its quality. Although, it has more advantages than disadvantages in real life; all the required information about this system is given in a single page that saves a lot of time in turning the pages thus making a person completely familiar with the Amcrest 960H Video Security System.

Amcrest 960H Video Security System

In the case of any queries, the experts give extraordinary advice in a detailed manner such that even a person with no knowledge about the security system can easily ride along with it. Once a person gets familiar with this system; he has equipped himself with an unparallel comfort of security system that is totally worth the money spent.

When you take all of the factors into consideration; there is a very small lacking in the fundamental and propelled abilities of this framework. Documentation is extremely exhaustive; but documentation is elegantly composed and displayed at a level most first time clients will have the capacity to get it without much difficulty.

The controls are extremely instinctive, verging on the program, and the cameras deliver clear video. At 960H (higher than normal) the Amcrest 960H Video Security System is superior to any other focused brands prevailing in the market. Thus, this Security system protects the property/house with its eagle eye thereby preventing any kind of unlawful action.

We hope you found our review of the Amcrest 960H helpful.  Check out more of our product reviews on our website.  Please feel free to leave a comment on our site if you have any questions for us!

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Uniden UDR444 Guardian

Uniden UDR444 Guardian 4.3-Inch Video Surveillance System Review

Uniden UDR444 Guardian 4.3-Inch Video Surveillance System with 2 Cameras (UDR444) is an advanced security surveillance device that comprises of 2 cameras with wireless connectivity system. The unique features of the device allow to discreetly monitoring your office or home under any odd climate conditions. Each of the cameras are having 40 feet night vision shooting capacity and also supported with built-in microphones to capture any sounds are some of the unequivocal technical features when compared with any contemporary security camera system presently available in the market. Optional features like live coverage remotely by using Skype or watching 12 hours continuous recorded footages, options to switch between manual and automatic recording and scheduling the timing of recording as per your convenience make this security camera one of the most advanced surveillance system.

Product Description

Uniden UDR444 includes 2 weatherproof cameras that are used to keep an eye of one’s residence or office at any given time irrespective of the weather condition. This product is accompanied by 1 Lithium Metal battery and a high resolution 4.3 inches color monitor that uses LCD display. These cameras come with built in microphones. In addition, a 4GB micro SD card is provided to store the footages, along with the USB cable that enables data transfer or remote viewing by using PC. The user manual provided in the kit serves as a guide to the users, allowing easy and flawless installation of the surveillance kit. Few other accessories delivered as part of this kit are 2 camera antennas, Audio and video cable, 3 AC adapters, Monitor cradle and 2 camera stands.

Key Features

One of the key features of this surveillance system is the rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery that comes with auto power save facility. Due to this, the device can operate for about 4.5 hours without any interruption. With this security surveillance device, user can record the footages in multiple ways, i.e. the user can either record the footages manually, or schedule the system to record at required time interval or even choose to record the videos based on motion detection. This product uses Passive Infrared Sensor (PIR) technology for motion detection.

The videos when viewed using the 4.3 Inch color monitor, resolution 480 x 272, looks clear and crisp. You can connect these cameras to a TV to view your videos. However, the picture resolution will decrease based on the monitor size, i.e. larger the monitor, grainier the pictures. Also, the user can zoom in the images/videos for a more detailed view. The power cord provided is up to 72 inches long. If the 4GB Micro SD is not sufficient, the user can replace it with another Micro SD Card having storage capacity up to 32 GB etc are some of the highlighted specification of Uniden UDR444.


  • This surveillance system comes at a very affordable price, which is one of its prime advantages.
  • The built in microphones in Uniden UDR444 enable the user to capture both audio and video.
  • Based on the user’s needs; he/she can prefer to increase the security by adding 2 more cameras to the existent pair of cameras.
  • The buyer has the option to record the videos in either low quality (320×240) or high quality (640×480). It prevents the SD card’s memory from getting filled. However, the user can alternately opt to overwrite older videos and thus using the memory card for continuous recording.
  • This wireless surveillance system is easy to setup.
  • This device also offers wireless transmission for up to 500 feet, which can be viewed using the color monitor provided.
  • The 2 weatherproof cameras are capable of capturing videos for about 40 feet of distance.
  • The user can also view the footages remotely either using Skype application or by connecting the device using USB port of a Personal Computer. You need 2 Skype accounts to use remote viewing.
  • The 2 weatherproof surveillance cameras are already paired up with the 4.3 Inch color monitor and, therefore, the user need not spend any time in pairing up these devices.
  • Uniden UDR444 allows users to monitor all 4 cameras on one screen or one camera at a time.


  • The micro SD card provided could have been of higher capacity as 4GB can hardly store 16 hours of data. Also, it is observed that, when the weather is too windy, due to motion sensors, the SD card gets full even sooner.
  • Finally, this device is not compatible with Mac Operating system.

Uniden UDR444 – truly a wireless weapon to guard your premises

Wireless surveillance systems are gaining popularity due to the portability it offers. Having the easiest installation process; Uniden UDR444 is one of the most recommended surveillance camera systems currently available in the market. The pre configured system is also ready to use the moment it is fixed in its position for surveillance. The automatic setting features will take care of the remaining process. Stuffed with high-end configurations; this security camera, by all means is one of the best choices and offers great value for money. Your surveillance requirements are certainly justified with its stellar performance. Uniden UDR444 is an ideal solution for those who want to guard their residence or office without wires, especially at an optimum price!

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