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Summer Infant Clear Sight Digital Color Video Monitor Review

All parents want to see their children safe and happy. Babies are so fragile and require a permanent surveillance in order to make sure that they are fine and sleep well. At the same time, it is not advisable to enter the room where the little one sleeps as this can wake him/her up. Fortunately, technology has evolved and now there is the possibility to keep an eye on the baby even when you are not close to him/her. You can hear and see when the little one needs you. Summer Infant Clear Sight Digital Color Video Monitor is such a device, perfect for all families with small children.

Summer Infant includes a two-way communication system. This means that not only you can hear the baby, but you can also talk back. This feature is extremely useful during the night when the baby wakes up as you can sooth him/her without having to go to him/her. The camera from the baby’s room includes a digital zoom, and the night vision is in black and white for a clearer view. The range of this device is excellent, 600-feet. The parent unit can even be taken in the yard without worrying that you will lose contact with the little one.

Pros and Cons

Analyzing the customer reviews of this product it can be seen that the microphone works perfectly in both directions. The quality of the sound is very clear. The night vision can be adjusted with the lighting on the camera in order to achieve a better view. The design is expendable, thus it is a great solution even for families with more than a single child. It has a very good rating, 4.3 out of 5, based on 31 comments. Analyzing what people have to say about Summer Infant, here are the main pros and cons for choosing such a product.

The main advantages of using this product are:

  • The screen colors are vibrant and clear;
  • The battery life is excellent; it can last up to eight hours when it is set only on audio;
  • The two-way communication system is very clear;
  • It is very easy to set up and use;
  • The night vision is  very good;
  • The monitor and parent unit are made of high-quality materials;
  • It does not interfere with the wireless network or microwaves;
  •  The audio sensitivity is excellent;
  • There is the possibility to turn off the video and still hear the little one;
  • The camera can either be mounted on the wall or placed on a straight surface;
  • It is very easy to adjust the volume.

The main disadvantages of using this product are:

  • The screen size is a bit small;
  • The camera angle is not wide, thus it does not manage to cover much viewing area;
  • It transmits a bit of white noise.

A Closer Look

Summer Infant was founded in 1985 by William Locket III. The first product manufactured by the company was the Bouncy Seat, that was specially designed for his daughter Summer. Jason Macari bought the firm in 2001 and came up with a new vision. The products developed aim to help parents be more relaxed by encouraging the bounding with the little ones. In order to ensure innovative and safe products, Summer Infant collaborates with child development experts, pediatrics, and professionals. The domains covered by the company are: monitors, nursery, bath and potty, safety and health, gear and travel.


This product includes a series of features that are extremely helpful for every family. Each package comes with:

  • 100% digital technology that assures privacy and security;
  • Handheld monitor;
  • Two-way communication system;
  • Night vision;
  • Digital zoom;
  • It is expendable, and you can add up to three cameras.


The handheld unit includes a color LCD that works with a rechargeable battery. The night vision transmits images in black and white that are very accurate, allowing you to see the little one sleeping. In order to talk back to the baby, you only need to push a button. The parent unit includes indicators that alert you when the battery is low or when you are out of range.


Overall, Summer Infant Clear Sight Digital Color Video Monitor is a great product. It can be bought at an affordable price, and it is extremely helpful for all families. Its main plusses are the high quality of the sound and image and the convenient range. There are no chances that you will not enjoy this great video baby monitor.

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3 thoughts on “Summer Infant Clear Sight Digital Color Video Monitor Review

  1. Bethany

    Thank you for this great review. My sister is having a baby shower soon here and I wanted to get her something she can use to help ease the stress since this will be her first baby. I thought a camera would be great and this one was recommended to me. I wanted to find more information on it. I think I will order one tomorrow.

  2. Benny

    I know this is silly but I got the Summer Infant Monitor for my dogs! I am a breeder and I have a few litters in the house right now. It is hard to keep up with everything and sorting through all the puppies needs so I got one for each room. We have dedicated rooms with access to outdoor caged in areas for the moms and pups. The 2 studs get the rest of the house and the open backyard. These cameras are excellent if you need to keep an eye on pets! Not just for babies 😉

  3. Charles White

    My wife wanted something to help her watch over our newborn twins easier. She wanted to hire a caretaker to help a few hours a day but we can’t afford that right now so I suggested getting a few monitors. We wen with the Summer Infant Clear Light monitors and they work great! She is able to keep an eye on them and hear them when she is busy doing stuff around the house.

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