Top 5 Reasons Why a Wireless Surveillance Camera is the Safest Choice

Wireless Surveillance System

Wireless security systems are most preferred by those people who want to keep their businesses and home safe and secured from individuals who practice burglary and felony as a way of living.  You can install a wireless surveillance system to protect your property without the hassle of wiring.  Here are the top 5 reasons you can consider why a wireless Security Camera System is the safest and the best choice compared to wired security video cameras.  You can read why people prefer wireless surveillance cameras system below:

Less, Easier Installation

Wireless security camera system does not require an installation of cable wires from cameras to VCR to monitoring equipment. In fact, you can install a wireless camera much easier.  You don’t have to strip wires or and test circuits either. For a wireless surveillance system, all you have to do is attach it where you want it. Another advantage of wireless security camera system is that it eliminates the unsightly wirings around the place.

No More Power Issues

Wired surveillance camera system often relies on electricity in order to function; though backup battery power is made available to some, but still they tend to wear out unnoticed. On the other hands, wireless surveillance cameras on the other hand.  Don’t rely in electrical power supply as it gets power from batteries, with features that alert users when it needs to be replaced or recharged. Users do not have to worry in case of electrical fluctuations or power interruption that may affect some device components as it has continuous steady source of power as long as the battery is fresh.

Reliable Signal

Wireless surveillance cameras provide an excellent range of about few hundred feet. It can even cope up signals even through thick walls, providing users extra confidence in safety and security of the place as wireless security systems can monitor for a very wide area. Reliable signals of wireless surveillance cameras ensure users of unfailing protection from criminals and unlawful individuals.

Affordable Price

You may buy cheap security cameras at for as low as $100 and below thus; more individuals able to afford and use security video cameras for their homes and establishment’s safety and security. Due to the high public demand of security; more manufacturers produce innovative security cameras systems at a lower price without lowering the quality and performance of the product.

Wi-Fi and Internet Ready

Finally, with wireless security camera system, users may program the cameras to send images or connect via Wi-Fi or wireless communication without the use of cords and cables as it only uses radio frequencies and/or infrared waves to send and receive signals. Users may have the control to monitor the place via the internet; viewing images through cell phones or laptop anytime and anywhere at their convenience. Therefore, the owner can keep track of what is going on his property from the other side of the world.

11 thoughts on “Top 5 Reasons Why a Wireless Surveillance Camera is the Safest Choice

  1. Jason Hester

    The good thing about wireless cameras are they are easy to install. Without the cables, they also look quite discrete. Their batteries also last long and should they ran out of juice, there’s an alert so you could replace it before the camera shuts down. We have several wireless cameras installed in our warehouse and they work great for their purpose.

  2. Larry Seibert

    The pros for installing a wireless surveillance camera far outweigh any cons. In comparison to a wired camera that looks bulky and outdated, wireless surveillance cameras are a better choice as they look discrete.

  3. George D.

    I find your reasons listed in this article very credible. Wireless surveillance cameras are easier to install and they retain their functionality even when power is cut. It is a preferred choice to wired surveillance cameras.

  4. Craig M.

    I live in a large home and it is just my wife and I. We have a few dogs and a few cats but no kids. I go on business a lot and whilst she isn’t too worried about things, I do get worried. We have people in and out the house all the time doing chores, landscaping, pool cleaning, and so on. I love my wife but I don’t trust her eyes to spot if something goes missing or if someone is ripping us off. I have had a wireless surveillance system now for 6 weeks and I LOVE IT!

  5. Rob C.

    I love the wireless options we have today. I wanted to get a system that was easy to install and reliable for my business. I run a small pet shelter and we have people in and out the place almost 24/7. There have been some issues with people trying to break in multiple times as well as some items have have gone missing. I am going to get a system put in over the weekend. I have a few options I am debating between thanks to your fantastic reviews.

  6. Patty

    I recently had my son set up a few cameras in my home that I can work on my mobile smart phone. It is the best thing I feel my husband and I have done to the house in years. We spend a lot of time out and vacation often so having to rely on someone else isn’t always an option. With the wifi hooked up to the cameras, I can just check everything on my phone when we are miles away. It even gives me alerts if there is movement so I know when someone is at the door or by the house.

  7. Natalie

    Hello! I enjoyed this post. Any kind of wireless camera set that you can recommend to someone in a small condo? We have no security here and the neighbors who just moved in are much younger and seem to have people in and all all hours. I don’t feel safe anymore. They are only renting as well. I own my condo.

  8. Louis D.

    Would you recommend the Netgear set up there you have pictured? I like the way it looks and how compact the cameras are. I need to be able to hide them. I have been having issues with a crazy ex and her brothers and the police aren’t doing anything for me. I want to make sure if something happens again, I get it all recorded!

  9. Colby

    Great post! I have been considering getting some cameras for a long time and have yet to make my mind up on it. I think this is the final push I needed. I was looking over some of your reviews and they really helped me pick out the right one for me. Plus I can get it in 2 days with Amazon Prime. Win win!

  10. Derek

    I have been considering getting some cameras but I am concerned about how they will look. Someone recommended wireless but I would like them to be completely wireless. Does such a thing exist? I would imagine it would have to run on batteries or something which can be a pain but I only want them for when I am sleeping at night.

  11. Brian D.

    I suppose a wireless security camera has the advantages of not having to mess around with countless wires and it is less messy. The only downside is having to constantly be replacing the battery. Right now I am using a WIFI enabled security camera that connects to my phone but still has a power cord. The cord is a little annoying, but it works for the price tag.

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